1. Fernando M. I. Carreiro

    Semi-transparent brush while using Spot Removal tool?

    Whet using the Spot Removal (Heal/Clone) tool, is there any way to make it semi-transparent, like in the mask overlay of Local Adjustments, while painting, instead of that opaque white? It is sometimes quite difficult to see where the brush is being applied, especially when it has a large...
  2. lbeck

    How do I archive my entire catalog and photos to a separate EHD?

    I have reconstructed a catalog from bits and pieces of folders of archived photos following the loss of my Lr HDD. Fortunately, I've been able to recover practically all of my photos and associated metadata using a recent backup and relinking photos. A secondary problem that I'll handle as a...
  3. T

    LR Classic has lost Heal/Clone functionality - help!

    A fortnight ago my LR Classic, after the second last 8.2 update, lost the Close/Heal button functionality after years of satisfactory performance. I click on the button, the locator dot registers on image for heal, and LR presents the dashed line to select where to clone from, but when I click...
  4. A

    Removing Date stamp from Canon Powershot SX 620 HS

    I recently purchased a Canon Powershot SX 620 HS camera as a replacement for an old Lumix FZ7. As with the FZ7 it only uses Jpeg for output. On importing photos into Lightroom 6.10 (Perpetual Licence), I cannot remove the date stamp from the photos. Having searched Lightroom forums, the...