1. S

    Cloud : sync RAW files and edits from Macbook (Lr Classic) to iMac (Lr Classic) ?

    Hello, I travel with my Macbook running Lr Classic on which I store and edit my pictures while I'm away from home. Is it possible to sync my RAW files and edits on the cloud from my laptop so that when I get back home it's all automatically available on my iMac ? Not only the smart previews ...
  2. Baldfatlimey

    Cannot see my images in the Mobile Downloads LR folder in Classic

    First I apologise if this has been asked before, I could not find what I was looking for but if it has already been addressed then a link to the relevant posting would be gratefully accepted. I am out of disk space so been trying to remove non essential files, folders, etc. I am also not...
  3. franklehnen

    Full res RAWs in cloud with Lightroom Classic with only 20Gb....

    Let me explain my problem quickly. I have the 20Gb Lightroom Classic plan and I'm more than happy with the fact that I get only 'light' previews in the cloud for using with my iPad or iPhone. Now when I travel, I take only my iPad to transfer photos to, and of course, the full res RAWs will be...
  4. all2alb

    search for a keyword without containing keywords

    Hi everybody. I would like to search for a keyword without also having in the results the containing keywords. I make an example, hoping to clarify the issue. I have a photo (A) with the keyword BUILDING and another one (B) with the keyword SCHOOL. The keyword SCHOOL is nested under the...
  5. B

    Cloud Backup

    I currently use Lightroom cc and really like the ability to pull up photos from the cloud but want to take advantage of the features in Classic. Is there a cloud based solution that I can sync my Classic photos to and be able to view remotely?
  6. M

    (UN)syncing or (RE)syncing to a new location

    Hi, I recently uploaded all my photos to the cloud via CC. I subsequently installed the LRC on my desktop and began to sync. I got few thousand pics in and decided I wanted them to sync to a portable hard drive instead. How can I restart this process? I see a butto that says delete all syncd...
  7. contact_3

    Having sync issues between Lr (Cloud based) and LrC (Classic)

    I used to be able to create albums in the cloud based version of Lightroom (Lr), and since my Lightroom Classic is connected to the cloud, I would see a new collection in LrC that would match the newly created album in Lr. Now, this doesn't happen anymore. I only noticed yesterday, but it might...
  8. S

    LrC 10.1 Mac: navigating in film strip not sync'ed to grid (and vice versa)

    Hey all, I haven't done LR work for a couple of months, but I did install the updates from time to time. I'm on 10.1 now (Mac) and today I wanted to do some library work. I encountered a weird issue while browsing some folders. The issue: Normally, when I select a photo in the film strip, that...
  9. pn1

    Library module Locating pictures NOT in a collection

    I am working on my Lightroom Classic catalog(ue) of more than 150,000 pictures and am happy with what I've done so far. The assistance of the Lightroom Queen website and publications has been inval;uable. Right now, I am looking for a quick and simple way of identifying which pictures are NOT...
  10. Sashina

    Android to Classic - ongoing syncing issues

    Hello I know there have been other threads about this issue, but everyone seems to have a slightly different experience. I'd had problems with the Android app itself, but now (on a new phone) that seems to be sorted. Any photos/collections in my desktop catalogue which I choose to sync with...
  11. Luc Desaulniers

    Working with RAWs exclusively in the cloud. Possible?

    Good day all. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a 12.9‘’ iPad Pro. I’ve been a Lr Classic for... well... before it was called Classic. I would very much like to switch to the CC plan i.e. get the 1Tb cloud storage and begin using the iOS and CC desktop clients. But. I would like to...
  12. J

    Key Wording Options in LR CC

    I am a keen amateur picture taker. I am contemplating making the move from LR Classic to CC primarily to take advantage of the mobile benefits. I nowadays use my iPhone as my principal camera utilising several apps. I have several concerns, the first is as follows. I presently use keywords in...
  13. M

    Lightroom catalog cannot see images in external hard drive

    I am on LR Classic v 12.2.1 on an iMac (2015). Two days ago I upgraded the OS from Mojave to Catalina. I have two external hard drives, an 8TB and a 4TG both G-drives.. My catalog is stored on the new 8TB HD. On opening LR I found that my catalog did not recognise any images on the older 4TB...
  14. J

    Evolution from LR4.1 to Classic on New Computer

    This will be old stuff for most of you, and I have re-read Victoria's old member messages about the "End of Perpetual Licenses" disaster. I'm currently running LR 4.4.1 on a Windows 7 machine that is soon to be retired. I have a new Windows 10 machine and would like to have a standalone...
  15. I

    Force build video thumbnail previews

    Hello all, is there a way to force build all the video previews for a catalog without going scrubbing over every thumbnail? Also, are the video thumbnail previews stored in the Previews.lrdata container? I am asking because I have a separate catalog for video that I would like to copy from...
  16. B

    Move photos to empty folder?

    I have organised a batch of photos by tagging them in Lightroom Classic and I'd like to move them into an empty folder. The problem is that the folder is not showing up in the file tree, presumably because I haven't imported anything from that folder. Is there a way I can make empty folders...
  17. aces1200

    Does the mobile app work with my Lightroom Classic?

    I need to keep using Lightroom classic (I have the photography plan with 20gb cloud), but I want to be able to use the Lightroom mobile app on my phone. Can the Classic work with the mobile app? I would like to be able to view certain categories/albums from my Classic program on the mobile...
  18. Gerry G

    Lightroom Classic, with MAC Catalina, can't move folders.

    If I try to move folders it just blinks and doesn't move. I can move individual photos though. So in order to move a folder, I select all photos, then right-click on the master folder where I wanted to move the folder to. Create a new folder with selected photos. I used to just click on the...
  19. M

    Impossible to upload directly into Classic?

    Probably missing something really obvious, but my understanding is the only way to get photos out of LR on iPhone into LR Classic on MacBook is via the cloud. That's fine with good connections, but when travelling that's not always the case. Instead of the endless tussle of trying to get a...
  20. andrew.j.crouch

    Classic 8.4 not syncing completely sticking at 31, a bug?

    Hi all, I've noticed quite a few threads about the syncing with the cloud being broken and not completely uploading since upgrading. I've been on the Adobe forum and haven't had a lot of help with the usual methods being advise on, which don't work by the way! I am stuck on 31 files with it...
  21. C

    Lightroom Sync Count discrepancy

    I've had a problem where the count of the images in albums in LR Web was showing 1 more image in total than I thought should be there. In addition there were a few "non collection" images. I have approx 5000 of my images in LR Classic synced to LR Web. Over time, I have managed to get some...
  22. Win

    Classic vs CC

    I've been using Lightroom (now Classic) for many years now. I have not yet used Lightroom CC and I am trying to figure out if moving to CC is something I should do, or if I should just stick with Classic for now. I would be happy to read posts or pages from Victoria's books if anyone can point...
  23. Luc Desaulniers

    Has anyone tried Lr Classic on MacBook Air 2018?

    Looking into replacing my aging MacBook Pro Retina 2012 with either a fully-specced iPad Pro (which would require a switch to Lr CC mobile) or a 2018 MacBook Air (16Gb 512Gb SSD). Has anyone give the MacBook Air a spin in Lr Classic? Opinions? Is it a viable platform for Lr?
  24. D

    Photos disappear in develop module- help!

    Hi. I have imported raw files via standard setting. They are all visible in navigator, filmstrip and library module BUT when I click into develop module, the selected photo doesn't show. I just black screen, it even shows me photo info, but no photo. Please help. I am totally uptodate.
  25. D

    LR 3 Mac Compatibility

    Does anyone know what is the latest version of Mac OSX (or macOS) that LR 3 (more specifically v3.6 for Mac) is compatible with? I know it works on OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite, but does anyone know if it would work on the later versions of OSX or macOS? Thank you.