cc and classic

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    How to redo catalog migration? (Completed but 0 photos migrated)

    I migrated my CC Classic Catalog after freeing enough OS_Install drive space (big complaint about having to be specifically there) and stored photos separately etc None of the photos migrated/imported upon completion. Now it says the Catalog is already migrated, how do I reset it to do it...
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    Advice on converting or keeping Classic and using CC

    Sorry for what might appear to be a dumb question and one that has probably been answered before but i can't find the thread. I have been using LR desktop version since not long for 10 years or more and bought the last perpetual license. Since then a lot of features have been added and the old...
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    Bit of a pickle. LR and Classic both installed. Mac and PC-Catalog headache!!

    Operating System: Win7 64 bit, and Mac has OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): PC has both LR v7.1 (1141928) and also LR CC v.CC 2015.13 (1148620), Mac has Classic version 7.1 (1148620) Please see screenshots. The PC screenshot is a combination of...