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  1. charleskinghorn

    Splitting my catalog between LR Classic and Lightroom on the Cloud

    I have posted this in the Adobe Support Community asking for feedback and suggestions, but I would appreciate very much any feedback from the members of this forum. Adobe ID
  2. fbx33

    Mayday #152 - Catalogs and re-importing pix after delete and reinstall LR Classic

    Trying to make it quick. I've had LR Classic a few years. I have the current model. Just deleted all pix and then whole LR setup and reinstalled from Adobe. Then imported all pix from a CCC backup. 23,500 pictures. Seems to have worked ok. But it said current LR Classic catalog not play well...
  3. Antonio Correia

    How many Catalogs shall I keep ?

    I have a doubt which I would like you to help me. I have been searching on the web but I couldn't get to a satisfactory solution. I have subscription of LR and CC and photos from 2000 until today. They are all organised by year. I have a "Master Cat" and I make from time to time, Catalogs from...
  4. mbImagery

    Multiple Duplicate Catalogs, Missing Photos and So On....

    Hi folks, Firstly let me apologise to all the good people on this forum, and to the Lightroom Queen herself...... Due to a lack of understanding I've let things get very messy over the years. I've always tended to import (no folders or keywords... awful I know) , edit and then save a final...
  5. H

    I can't get LR5 to open folders I've downloaded into LR

    I've been using LR5 for my initial processing of photos for several years, with no problems, but since early November, it will download them as usual, but the only way I can see the photos is by viewing them under "Previous Import." It shows the folders in the Navigator, with the total number...
  6. Edge of Alaska

    Merge catalogs before upgrading to Classic, or not?

    Operating System: Mac 10.13.1 High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2015.1 Lr CC I posted an earlier thread on Nov 25 on merging 2 catalogs that had become separated over the last couple of months. There was a simple suggestion by, Johan W. Elzenga, which I was going...
  7. W

    Classic installation messed up catalogs

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 6.13 and LR Classic I installed LR Classic from the Adobe CC apps button. (I stupidly chose not to retain previous LR versions.) Seemed to install fine, no error messages. When I tried to start it, I got the...
  8. M

    Moving Lightroom Catalogs

    Hi I hate to keep betraying my ignorance. But I want to make sure I do it right. I recently migrated to a Mac Pro OS Sierra to a HP Workstation Windows 10 Pro. My Lightroom catalogs currently live in the default Pictures folder on Drive C: I would like to move them do Drive E. Is there a simple...
  9. S

    how long to merge large catalogs into a Master catalog?

    Hi all I have a personal catalog (~15,000images) and and sports catalog (~70,000 images). I created a MASTER catalog and merged the personal catalog into the master. It took around 1-2hrs. I started the merge of the sports catalog into the master and so far it has taken over 12hr to merge only...
  10. D

    Exporting & importing catalogues for book module

    Hi all Can I ask all of you -- who've been so amazingly helpful in the past -- two quick questions about using the book module? Background: My master catalog is on an external drive, so when editing images I tend to export the folder the pics are in as a catalog (including negatives) onto my...
  11. M

    Merging catalogues

    I have LR6 on my MacBookPro 17in but I also put it on a smaller MacBook when I went travelling last year. Now I have two separate catalogues and even though I have tried to make them identical by copying folders etc, I think a better method would be to merge the catalogues. But as they are on...
  12. Chris Brown

    What the heck is going on (Portable HD)

    Ok, I have searched and searched for a solution. Can't find one and I am sure it is pretty damn simple. I use a portable hard drive to store my photos on, as well as my catalogs. Even my backups. I also backup, this drive, so yea, I am safe. I travel every other week and I want to be able to...