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    Lightroom (cloud-based service) has export options (such as TIFF format, renaming and color space), custom sort order on the desktop, copy/paste to multiple photos on iOS and more.
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  1. H

    unfortunately the catalog "wedding2019" cannot be repaired!! Please say it ain't so!

    Having a bunch of weird troubles now I've updated to Mac OS catalina, but not 100% sure this is related. I can open the catalog again if I move it from my dropbox to my desktop, I can still click and look through files on my Drobo (external hard drive) but once I click on one located on my...
  2. G

    Catalog corrupt

    Hello. I am a photographer, and it happened from a catalog of service days corrupting out of nowhere. They told me to look for Victoria here, but I don't think she saw my message yet. I don't speak English, I'm using a translator, so some things may be meaningless. I'm very worried because if...
  3. S

    Have Catalogs permanently off C: ?

    My Catalogs (I create new Catalogs frequently for work purposes) exist on default C: Drive. It's becoming a largish folder of Catalogs (20+gb), combined with PS which is another 20gb it's eating valuable SSD space of my C: I now own a superb Sandisk 2tb Extreme SSD and would like LR to work...
  4. R

    Photos linked to wrong hard drive

    I've been trying to sort out the missing photos in my LR6 catalog, and I've discovered that in some cases I've linked the photos to my backup hard drive. In other words the pathway and name is exactly as the main drive, except that the location is the backup drive. Is there an easy way to link...
  5. R

    LR 8.4 Catalog corrupted?

    Can anyone suggest a fix? I opened LR yesterday and discovered that while my folders are organized by year and date, files are now seemingly all over the place. What got my attention was the 2019 / 08 folder was gone, missing! It was there the night before... now gone. But if I search in the...
  6. silkenpaw

    catalog problem

    I have a weird problem with the dates in my cat.alog. I must have selected the wrong date for an import because Lighroom created another “2019” folder inside the existing 2019 folder and is now putting new photos in there. A screen shot is attached. I tried deleting the folder and re-importing...
  7. K

    About Security

    Hi guyzz, im kinda new to lightroom and starting to build up catalog for my 40k archive, so, one things i cant really understand is, where are catalog settings, such as pick flags, color labels, stars and keywords are stored, to back it up on hdd, because I decided to use smart collections...
  8. B

    Big, Big mistake

    i renamed my catalog of more than 35k images and now i can't access them! i have a backup folder along with folders named 2017-2019 consecutively but i can't seem to import all the folders beneath the year title: eg 2017 subfolders 11-25-2017. can i find a restore software to dig deep into my...
  9. hsawires

    How to export a partial catalog for some selected images/ collections from a PC to another?

    Hi, I need to know how to export a catalog for some selected images and/or folders or collections to be copied with its all adjustment and keywords, and import it into another catalog. let's say I have some photos on my laptop and I did some adjustment and keywords to some of my images. now I...
  10. P

    Need to convert from lr6to classic and add mobile app for iPad Pro. How connect w existing lr catalog?

    MB Pro died and may get repaired. If not will convert to iMac for desktop workflow. In the meantime got iPad Pro for travel. Want to move to lr classic but use lr app on the road. (When is full program coming out for iPad?). How do I get existing catalog to sync. Will not have desktop until back...
  11. R

    Migrating to new PC .. AppData\Adobe etc...

    Just migrating to a new PC. I have installed LR Classic. Have not (yet) moved any data files etc, but they are in the on deck circle. I just want to check that its Ok to do a full copy of the AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom and AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom folders to totally over-write what...
  12. P

    Deleted - Recovered - Error Catalog file

    Hi! I got myself into some trouble the other day when I deleted my catalog file. Yes, lets not dwell on that for to long... I got this software to scan my hard-drive and it found a file that should be my catalog file, although it had changed the name, reconstructed it and recovered it back to...
  13. R

    Transitioning from Lightroom 5 to Lightroom 6

    Hi. Thanks in advance for any help that you may provide. I've been using Lightroom 5 for a few years, and have purchased Lightroom 6. I have held off from transitioning so that I can clean up my Lightroom 5 catalog, and properly back things up. My biggest question is this: I have noticed on this...
  14. N

    Catalogs Catalog is not accessing Picture Files

    My version of Creative Cloud Lightroom recently updated to Version 8. My catalog now lists my picture files but shows them all as empty. I have tried to restore a recent back up but that hasn't work. How do I relink the catalog with the pictures in their files? Thanks in advance for any...
  15. J

    Catalogs Cloud Catalogue Backup/Sync

    Hi Apologies as I know this has been probably been covered here before. Using Microsoft OneDrive I've recently synchronised my pictures and catalogue between my iMac and my MacBook Pro. To do this I first ensured that the file paths were identical on both computers Macintosh...
  16. S

    Import Import

    I'm not sure what I did. I used to have my "to" selection within the import window be my LR catalog. Somehow I must have done something and changed it to my master HD which I do not want. Any ideas how I get it back to my LR catalog? I'm not figuring it out.... See the link below to see what my...
  17. Millhouse83

    Cull multiple images from several imports into a single location?

    I want to organize many images in my catalog taken over the course of many years in to one location in Lightroom. I am looking for suggestion on the correct workflow: to first select all the images across multiple imports; second, edit all images after I have chosen them from my catalog.
  18. A

    Temporary Lightroom editing while travelling

    This is kind of a convoluted question. I'm between desktops right now so I am using LR on a laptpop with external HD (pics on HD, catalog on laptop) Went to Galapagos two weeks ago and am bout to start editing photos. Dont want to take my HD on vacation this coming week when I will be away...
  19. J

    LightRoom Catalog Size More than Doubled

    On May 4, 2018 my LR catalog size immediately jumped from 1.1GB to 2.7GB. I noticed because my backup directory show this jump in the history of file sizes. I am using MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5 and LR Classic CC 7.3.1 on a mid 2017 MacBook Pro with 2TB SSD and 16GB RAM, an Intel HD 630 and a...
  20. C

    How do I delete a catalog in LR 6.14?

    I have Lightroom version 6.14 and have two extra catalogs I want to delete. Neither catalog has any photos but Lightroom still sees them on my computer. I went to "File" tab and didn't see anything marked "delete catalog" or "remove catalog". What is the preferred (and safe) way to accomplish...
  21. JeffEllis

    Catalogs Can I move LR Classic catalog off Startup drive?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
  22. R

    Problem moving photos from one hard drive to another

    Operating System: Mac OS 10.13 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 6.7 I've shifted my photos from a failing hard drive to a new hard drive. When I try to update the folder location as per this post How do I move only my photos to another hard drive, leaving the catalog where it...
  23. A

    Catalogs New PC and Workflow - Need Help!!

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.1 Hello, new member here, and hoping someone will know how to help me out! I just finished building a new PC, and really excited to be working on a much faster machine, but also because it will help me improve my...
  24. L

    Catalogs New LR6 user start again

    Operating System:Win 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):LR 6.14 (post painful update) Hi LR people, I have been learning LR slowly and after picking up a bit of experience of imports and developing I feel that I need to start afresh. These are the reasons why; 1. I...
  25. P

    Catalogs All of my catalogs are corrupted (pictures)

    I have backups from the last year and none of them are working. I don't know how to explain this without showing you. This is beyond catastrophic for me because I have 1,722 wedding photos to go through. I have over 12,000 photos altogether inside LR. I deleted the .lock and .lrpreview files and...