1. Bob_B

    Importing 9,000+ old jpgs and raw files?

    I have over 9,000 photos that I had stored on CDs and recently copied to my workstation. There's a lot of good work here and far more memories to preserve. I want to import all of them into LR in a sane and orderly manner. I could simply import the lot as a whole and then sort through them, and...
  2. J

    Cannot get newly purchased Lightroom on new computer to work with old catalog

    I have just purchased new subscription LR for new macmini and repeatedly encountered problem getting my old catalog to work. Migration seems only option presented in 6.5 and when I browse to copied over .lrcat file I put in Pictures folder I get this message "Something went wrong, The...
  3. S

    How to remove video from Cloud only in LR Classic?

    Hi, With any photo in your LR Classic catalog, which has arrived via the cloud, you can use the "Remove from All Synced Photographs" option to remove the photo from the cloud but still retained the file in your local catalog. How to do this with video files? I note that the video files that...
  4. B

    How to change location of a folder properly?

    Hello everyone, here is my situation: I work on a laptop and save and edit all my current pictures on its local SSD. I use robocopy to occasionaly back them up on an external hardrive (HDD A), and then robocopy again to mirror HDD A to two other external Harddrives (HDD B and HDD C). Every once...
  5. S

    How to switch my date-based folders system to Topic-driven folders?

    I followed someone's advice years ago and now face yearly folders with subfolders - and 80,000 images within them. How would I create folders with nine topics (like the ones Scott Kelby advocates for) and start cataloging this way? Thank you
  6. javapop

    NEW to Lightroom Classic (folder-based) BACKING UP

    I upgraded my catalog from LR 6.14, and have my main catalog on my MBP, but majority of my photos on an external drive. I have a new larger HD that I copied the files from both locations and want to sync them up. Whats the best way to do this if I stick to one catalog?
  7. VictoriaJZ

    Figuring out how to organize and find the original photos/folders

    Still newbie but hoping by just working with LRC to learn it = slow but sure. But now I am on my MacBook Pro running Monterey and had a bunch of photos on this computer which I imported into my Catalog on the MBP and worked with. I was going to delete them to make space on the MBP and then...
  8. J

    Catalogs Lightroom was unable to back up the catalog named "Lightroom Catalog-v12"

    I have backed up my Lightroom Classic catalog about once a week since early 2020 using the popup when exiting Lightroom Classic, but I remove old backups and only keep the most recent 4 to 5 backups in my backup folder to keep down on excess bloat. Ever since January 2023, I have been unable to...
  9. phrank

    Catalog on external SSD - Read/Write Speed Performance

    Hi, I’m thinking about to buy a SSD enclosure (40Gbps) with a 2-4TB M.2 PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSD (up to 3500MB/s) and connect it via Thunderbot / USB 4 to my MacBook Pro M1. My RAW images are stored all on a 18TB Harddisk. I guess it will be ca. the half speed of Apple's internal soldered SSD...
  10. VictoriaJZ

    Finding things in LRC. [finding and reconnecting the originals]

    I had a LRC catalog & original images on a partition of my iMac but [finally] decided that I really needed a separate computer so have a MacMini running Monterey. My LRC catalog of images [4000] is just fine on that machine but the original images are elsewhere - I now know where but before I...
  11. R

    Exporting collection as catalog and importing it back to main catalog when back home.

    I work on a big large catalog that contains all my archives. It stays on a SSD drive that I plug to iMac or Macbook depending where I am. The latest raw files are on the SSD, all archive RAWs are on separate hard drives that I do not carry with me. I worked few weeks back on a subject (and...
  12. R

    long, seemingly random file names after sync

    I'm returning to Lr and LrC after a long hiatus. I dabbled with Lr mobile (now just called Lr) years ago. I recently downloaded all of my images in the cloud to LrC. In doing so, LrC assigned long, seemingly random names to some of the downloaded photos (e.g...
  13. L

    Split Large Catalog into Several Smaller Catalogs

    I have a LR CC catalog with over 126K images, can I break it into multiple smaller catalogs to speed up loading & editing? If so, how would I go about doing it? Thank you.
  14. E

    Very slow backup on 3TB local drive

    Hi, I'm new to Lightroom Classic. Up to a couple of days ago catalog backups were almost instantaneous (the catalog size is only 140Mb). Now, however, I have tried to close LR and said yes to the backup now question. An error message appeared to say that it could not back up to the location...
  15. A

    Catalogs Catalog Not Opening in LR 2021

    Hey yall i recently reinstalled LR on my computer and when i went to reopen my last used catalog it did not open itself and took a lot of time. After referring some videos, I removed the .lrcat.lock file. Even after that nothing happened and the same problem persists. This is the message that...
  16. G

    Catalogs Lightroom was unable to back up the catalog named “Lightroom Catalog-v12”

    Title says most of it. Recent upgrade to LR Classic 12.0.1., on Macos Monterey 12.6.1 I back up the catalog on every exit, to a folder on my (Synology) NAS. This has worked reliably under previous versions of LrC. Now, I reliably get this error message towards the end of the backup process...
  17. P

    Issue Opening Lightroom Catalog on a New Computer

    Hi, Having purchased a new Mac for my photography work, I have followed all instructions on how to transfer everything across, backups etc etc. I actually use Dropbox, so all of my Folder and File Structures are identical, and all of my Photos are also organised on Dropbox. Now I perhaps...
  18. D

    Struggling with large 169GB Mobile Downloads.lrdata file after moving from CC to classic

    I had previously used Lightroom CC (and still have an active subscription for it). I moved over to using Lightroom Classic a few months back. Everything worked out (albeit, a mess. I have a large 250gb unstructured folder of jpeg/raws on my external that I can't figure out what to do with)...
  19. D

    Migrating Multiple Catalogs from Classic

    Hi, I’m in the process of moving from classic to Lightroom cloudy. I’m short on storage space and wondered if there’s anything wrong with exporting each of my collections in LRC as catalogs and importing them one at a time. Ie let one catalog import and sync to the cloud - then the next etc...
  20. P

    Moved photos to external drive; now LR shows no photos

    I knew this would be fraught with risk, but I really needed to move my photos (several thousand files) to an external drive. After doing that, I can see the correct volume in LR, as well as the parent folder and the folder that contains the photos. However, the latter shows no photos now...
  21. mjmuk

    Catalogs Upgrading PC Platform—Sanity Check Please – Part Two

    Hi, It seems that time has passed by quickly since I wrote my previous post in January 2022 about rebuilding my PC and rejigging the discs. Well that is now all done; in the end I opted for a 1 TB SSD which is now happily running Windows 10 and all the various programs including a move from...
  22. S

    External Portable SSD, Catalog & Other Files

    My MBP (MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)) has to go back to Apple to have the keyboard replaced so I've spent the last 2 days preparing it to go and plan to use my old MBP (Late 2013) whilst it's away. I currently have my LR Classic catalog in Pictures - Lightroom - Catalog but am considering moving...
  23. T

    Best way to access LRC catalog and masters from more than one machine

    First of all, I'm sorry. I know the catalog topic in this forum is a more-than-dead horse but I don't seem able to find a single answer to this issue. What is the BEST(as in MOST EFFICIENT and least-prone-to-error) way to access a LR catalog for editing from more than one machine? Local or...
  24. A

    Catalogs Downloading catalogue from cloud backup after disk reboot

    Hi. My computer was hacked three weeks ago which caused me to reboot my hard drive and reinstall windows. I have a service that backs up my whole computer several times a day so I didn't think there would be a problem downloading everything back. Aside from the lightroom catalouge I got...
  25. M

    11.4 catalog issue

    I updated my version of LR to 11.4 and the first thing that happened was a conversion of my catalog to v11. I soon discovered that this catalog was missing the most recent entries . Nothing after 2020 was there. Somehow it was based on an earlier catalog than the one I have been using. I...