1. M

    11.4 catalog issue

    I updated my version of LR to 11.4 and the first thing that happened was a conversion of my catalog to v11. I soon discovered that this catalog was missing the most recent entries . Nothing after 2020 was there. Somehow it was based on an earlier catalog than the one I have been using. I...
  2. F

    Collections Unlinked with Catalog

    Please help! I am having serious problem with Lightroom Classic. I shot myself in my foot by changing my folder and file structure outside of Lightroom. I relocated my photos to their locations by syncing to the new locations. I can see and work on all photos at the new location. However...
  3. J

    Reconciling Lightroom Classic to Lightroom (cloud) - Part 2

    I'm continuing to work on reconciling my LrC catalog to my Lr catalog and with the help I received in my last post, I've gotten remarkably close. I've now got the two 42K image catalogs reconciled to within 200 images of each other. As I've gotten closer, I've uncovered some new things I don't...
  4. D

    Moving Lightroom from an External Drive

    I have Adobe CC installed on a MacBook M1 . I have previously moved my Lightroom Catalog and associated files, and my images, to an external drive. I am now considering using a NAS, so my first step would be to move my Lightroom Catalog and files back to the laptop. 1. As I already have...
  5. J

    Should I create a separate catalog for my scanned negatives?

    I've got about 45K pictures in my current catalog. I had been scanning my old 35mm negatives and slides 4 at a time using my Epson V600 Photo scanner, but it is mind-numbingly laborious. I've decided to have a service do it for me just to get it done so I can finally pitch all of my old photos...
  6. W

    Using LRC with NvME drive

    Hi I've just spent my pension on a new PC with a 2TB NvME drive for LR catalog and my photos. I copied the catalog and photos to the n=NvMNE drive & double-clicked on the catalog on the NvME drive but LR doesn't "see" the same NvNE drive where my photos are stored. How do I get LR to see my...
  7. L

    Lightroom Classic catalog database schema

    Does anyone know where the LR catalog database schema is documented? In particular, I would like to know what table and column the image Title is stored. I would like to query the SQLite database to get a list of image Titles in my catalog. Thanks
  8. T

    Merging duplicate folders question

    Windows 10, Lightroom Classic: I have a set of folders on drive F: that I have duplicated under a sub-folder on drive D:. The files on drive F: were the original files, I copied them to drive D:. Lightroom sees all of them on Drive F:, but on Drive D: it only sees some of them. When I click on...
  9. spikey_dave

    Will I encounter issues reformatting ExFAT 32 to APFS

    Dear Forum I use an iMAC with latest OS and Lightroom Classic. I only have a very limited 256 gb SSD hard drive on the iMAC I am currently using two external Samsung T5 SSD drives both formatted in ExFAT One of the SSDs (blue) has my uncatalogued photos which I am migrating to the other SSD...
  10. M

    Catalogs Duplicate catalog, but structure only, not the images

    Hi there, I bought a new camera, and therefore I think, it might be a good idea to start with a new catalog... So, is there a way to duplicate the structure of my current catalog (incl. smart collections, presets etc) , but without the images ? Thanks in advance, Michael
  11. B

    Travelling - catalogue and originals (RAW) - how to manage it?

    Hi everyone, could somebody tell to me how to correctly manage the catalogue and originals (RAW's), when I have both on the external HDD WD Elements (now 4 TB, before 2 TB) and backuped by Amazon Drive for Premium. But now I have a new NTB (Dell Inspirion 14 7000) and would like to correctly...
  12. H

    Sync between Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom not working

    I am trying to sync photos from a Lightroom Classic collection and Lightroom and am getting an error "Problem syncing with current catalog - This appears to be a duplicate or automatically created backup of your catalog. As it may not be current, sync has been disabled for this catalog. To...
  13. N

    Incorporating other types of images (photos from other people, scans) into my current LRC catalog

    Hi-- I have been using LRC for my photographs for awhile (after years using just BreezeBrowser/Photoshop). I have other collections of digital images that I have kept outside of LRC, and I'm struggling with a strategy to bring them into LRC. I've been reading old posts, but I didn't find...
  14. Sergio B.

    Old LRC catalog

    Is it safe to delete the old version of a Lightroom Classic catalog after upgrading to v11?
  15. B

    Re-Sync LR Classic Collections

    I recently switched from LR CC to LR Classic and synched all the files to LR Classic. I was able to break the sync between LR Classic and LR Cloud and sync from LR Classic to the Cloud. I deleted all files on LR CC, but found several files which did not get synced so I needed to restore. Now my...
  16. H

    Any plugin or approach to dump out collection/image data to excel or access?

    As part of my quest to move from Classic to a mobile workflow I have now decided to draw a line under my large classic catalog and move to a fully mobile workflow. Obviously, I would prefer to change my subscription to the LR plan but this means I will lose access to LR Classic. Not a big deal...
  17. dannymontani

    Catalog prefered not 'sticking'

    My issue seems to not want to stick. That being having just moved over to a new machine (and all works just dandy), except my catalog preference does not stick. My photos live on an external drive...slow but steady. When I moved over, I brought my catalog from the external to my new very fast...
  18. G

    Imported keywords from another catalogue not being found

    Lightroom Classic 10.3, Windows 10. I keep my main catalogue on my home computer. When I travel, I create a new catalogue on my laptop (also Windows 10), import all my then-existing keywords from my main catalogue, then add my new travel photos and new keywords, often place names, into the new...
  19. silkenpaw

    Catalogs Is there a way to tell LR where to save catalog backups?

    It seems to me it would make sense to store them on a different drive than the catalog files but I don't see a way to tell LR to do that. Am I missing something obvious? Thank you.
  20. silkenpaw

    Import What is the best/most practical way to organize photos?

    Hi All, I have a two-fold question. 1) I have a folder of photos from a California trip in 2002. They have been imported into LR but I must have subsequently created subfolders outside LR because it has the previews but can't find the photos. (The dreaded "!"). Right now I have folders called...
  21. silkenpaw

    Library module Lightroom "knows" a folder exists but does not show it in catalog

    I am tidying up my Lightroom catalog (on Mac), which has ended up being in two parts. I try to move a whole day's worth of photos at a time. One problem I have is that when I try to move some files, I get a message that the folder for that date already exists in the part of the catalog I'm...
  22. I

    Catalogs Moving Lightroom Catalog from CC to LR Classic

    Hi Folks I wonder if you might be able to add some clarification to my issue...... Yes, I have only just realised there is a difference between CC and Classic..... Doh I want to move my CC catalogue to LR Classic but would like to check with those in the know.. The current setup...... 0S...
  23. RSDS1227

    Catalogs Original photo location

    Hi all, I know LRCC pretty well but I have an odd question; I have over 60K worth of photos on a LaCie HDD that is going bad, I have backup's of all photos on an external HDD. My Master Catalog-v10.Ircat is safe living on a M.2 inside my PC. My question is: Can I "copy" the copy onto a new...
  24. P

    Change Folder List Sort Method?

    Lightroom CC 10.1. This is probably an easy question, but can the folder list on the right be changed to show folders in Descending Order? I sort my photos in 12 folders per year (YYYY / YYYY-MM) . Omitting many folder for brevity, my hierarchy is currently displayed as Master Photo Storage...
  25. D

    Lightroom Classic version: 10.0

    Hello, Maybe obvious or dumb question but is it better to store your Lightroom catalog in an external Lacie hard drive or in my Mac's internal HD? I currently have the catalog and raw images in the same Lacie HD. That hard drive is now full so I have a new one where my new raw files will live...