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catalog management

  1. U

    Tried to Clean Catalog but Lost RAW Preview Sharpness???

    I have done something but don't know what? I shoot RAW + jpg and my workflow works pretty much the same as everyone else I know. I import the images, then I go through the images in those import folders and cull out the outtakes in full screen marking to delete as I go through. But at times I...
  2. A

    Catalogs New PC and Workflow - Need Help!!

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.1 Hello, new member here, and hoping someone will know how to help me out! I just finished building a new PC, and really excited to be working on a much faster machine, but also because it will help me improve my...
  3. BlueRose

    Accidentally deleted LR catalog and possibly backups too - need advice on how to proceed

    Was doing a cleanout of my C: to make space and didnt realise the file I had saved as LR5 catalog was actually my current active one - cant remember why this is the case as I also have some LR6 catalog files. Any way deleted it with no dramas (was using LR at the time yesterday and was OK) but...
  4. P

    Catalogs synchronizing catalogues on 2 computers

    Operating System: windows 7 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom version: 5.7.1 [994254] I use lightroom on both my desktop and notebook computer. I import images from my camera's card to a new folder on my notebook and after editing them, copy them to the...
  5. Tim Grollimund

    iMac crashed (1TB HD), moving to Macbook Pro (500GB HD); need help

    On Monday my iMac (Early 2009, 1TB HD) crashed. It's toast. I have a Macbook Pro (2009) I need to move everything to. I used to use the Macbook while traveling. I updated LR (am using LR 4), and I have written all my photo files from the MyBook backup drive to a new Seagate external drive...
  6. M

    New Here, Need help please. Missing last several years of edits

    Hi There! I am trying to not freak out here as I have over 20,000 images that are due this week. I have all of my original photos but the last image in my lightroom catalog is from years ago. I have about 30 different catalogs: editorial, portraits, architecture etc. I have not confirmed that...
  7. M

    Merging catalogues

    I have LR6 on my MacBookPro 17in but I also put it on a smaller MacBook when I went travelling last year. Now I have two separate catalogues and even though I have tried to make them identical by copying folders etc, I think a better method would be to merge the catalogues. But as they are on...
  8. SteveH

    Exporting Keywords to a second machine

    Hi, my first post here so hope this is correct. I intend to use my 2nd copy of Lightroom on my Macbook for travel photos using the new catalog technique - i.e. import and work on my pics (including metadata & keywording) on my travels and then export / import the catalog into my master catalog...
  9. B

    Using LR CC.6 with Windows 10 "and" MacBook Pro

    I have always used a PC (now with Windows 10); but I recently purchased a MacBook Pro. and want to use my LR catalog on both computers. I keep my LR catalog on external drives. I would really appreciate help in figuring out how to use both systems. I purchased the MacBook Pro for travel; but I...
  10. P

    Transferring photos between catalogs

    I am in the process of subdividing an overly large master catalog in to smaller catalogs. Easy enough to select photos and "export as catalog" to a new location, and delete the photos from the master catalog. But there are a number of photos in the master catalog that I missed and I need to...