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    Catalogs New PC and Workflow - Need Help!!

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.1 Hello, new member here, and hoping someone will know how to help me out! I just finished building a new PC, and really excited to be working on a much faster machine, but also because it will help me improve my...
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    Operating System:HIGH SIERRA 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version 6.14 The LR catalog, files, and other data are stored in an external volume. As I wanted to automate the mounting of the external volumes in my system, I had to change the names of all the external volumes including that where I keep...
  3. JeffEllis

    Does the Master catalog have to reside on startup disk- OSX?

    Hi all, Happy to read previous posts if you can point me there. Using a 2013 model MacPro (Trashcan) purchased Jan 2015, with a 500gb internal drive and a 3 disk 15TB total Thunderbolt raid for User files and all images. OS10.5.5 Lightroom CC2015.6.1 Camera Raw 9.6 (I've not done the very...