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catalog error

  1. S

    Help! Deleted Lightroom Catalogs (Mac)

    Hi guys, so I'm new here. But I'm freaking out. My Mac was telling me I was running out of space so I was trying to clear up space. I deleted some lightroom catalogs but had backed up lightroom that night at 9:17pm so I deleted everything but that back up/catalog. I deleted some pictures and...
  2. Mr_RossDuncan

    Help. Lightroom Classic 8.0 fails to launch

    Hi, I would be very appreciative If anybody could post the steps I should take to reinstall Lightroom Classic 8. I recently updated, which worked fine for a couple of days, now disaster, nothing. Trying to launch Lightroom this morning I received an error message, "Lightroom Catalog could not be...
  3. Mr_RossDuncan

    The dreaded error message

    Hi, Can anybody offer a suggestion for a repeated error message I'm getting. "Lightroom encountered an error when reading a catalog file and needs to quit." I'm running the latest version, 7.5 Lightroom classic on a Windows 10 laptop. If the computer goes to sleep while Lightroom is running, on...
  4. N

    Catalog not linking after update this week

    I updated to the latest version of LR CC yesterday (v7.4) a new catalog was automatically introduced -5.Ircat. Now my images are no longer visible ie there is an image box in the library grid view but no image and I have 115000 missing images.I have checked the relevant setting in...
  5. B

    The catalog does not appear to be a valid Lightroom catalog.

    Operating System: High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 7.01 trial Hello dear experts. Im stuck for 2 full days because LR 7 can't open/import my 5.3 GIG LR 6 catalog, because of unknown error. After my 5K iMac came back from repair with new 3tb fusion drive, Adope...
  6. Win

    Missing FAQ book provided answer as to why LR wouldn't open

    Just a quick note of thanks for the Missing FAQ book. Lightroom wasn't opening as it claimed that the catalog was open in another instance of LR (which wasn't true). Before posting to the forum I reviewed my copy of the Missing FAQ book and found the answer (delete the lr.cat.lock file that was...
  7. M

    New Here, Need help please. Missing last several years of edits

    Hi There! I am trying to not freak out here as I have over 20,000 images that are due this week. I have all of my original photos but the last image in my lightroom catalog is from years ago. I have about 30 different catalogs: editorial, portraits, architecture etc. I have not confirmed that...
  8. Karen Snedker Black

    Catalogue Corruption Woes

    My catalogue is huge - 46+ GB. I shoot RAW, so my library is huge. I do, however, cull my photos and dump those I do not want to keep. I create Smart Previews. The photos I do post-edit and keep, I will transfer to my external drive so that at any given time, generally only my most recent...
  9. R

    LR5 Crash During Import, Catalog lost

    Something weird yesterday - looking for help. Have been using LR5 without any issues for over a year. Yesterday doing an import (from external USB drive - my workflow is to use the OS to copy from camera to a USB drive Originals folder), LR suddenly quit (about 1/3 way through 79 JPEG only...