1. JeffEllis

    Are LRC 2021 .xmp files backward compatible with LRC 2019?

    Hi gang. Last year had to upgrade my MacBook Pro to a 16" w/Catalina. And for the most part happy. But my desktop 2013 model MacPro is still running Sierra (OS 10.12.4) to be able to use some important older software. Also not sure how well my MacPro will handle Catalina - if anyone has opinions...
  2. Stumped

    Moving pictures in LR

    so I imported some pics and mistakingly made a subfolder during the import - 2nd Ranch folder w/ 21 pictures. I want to get the 21 pictures into the folder w/ the 94. When I went to drag and drop the folder with the 21 photos I got the shown message below. What does it mean? What is the...
  3. Gerry G

    Lightroom Classic, with MAC Catalina, can't move folders.

    If I try to move folders it just blinks and doesn't move. I can move individual photos though. So in order to move a folder, I select all photos, then right-click on the master folder where I wanted to move the folder to. Create a new folder with selected photos. I used to just click on the...
  4. Jon Busby

    Tethering a Nikon into Catalina OS

    Hi everyone My normal workflow in LR Classic is to tether directly. Currently my OS is Mojave. I am interested in upgrading to Catalina for the single purpose of using the Sidecar option with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. My concern is that I see mixed reports of the Catalina upgrade and how...