1. Mr_RossDuncan

    Trouble with the Title and Caption fields in LR Classic

    I'm hoping somebody can help me with a query. I have a client that requires detailed captions and titles on supplied images. In the past I've been using the Title and Caption fields located under the Metadata tab in the Library area of LR Classic. This has worked well. I could highlight any...
  2. becksnyc

    Caption photos with lowest level keywords

    I am a visual learner and would like to create a slideshow of hundreds of insects with lowest level keyword as a caption. All of my insects are keyworded with every taxonomical level. I don't want to change the export settings for everything above the lowest level. Is there a way to automate...
  3. simonplantphoto

    Lightroom Changes My Captions

    Evening all, Been using Lightroom for many many years and do have a big love hate relationship with it. My workflow is something like this. Import Raw images onto HD and create 2 backups. Once the job is edited and retouched it's then transferred onto two separate HD's and the cloud. Ive...
  4. Pideja

    Captions / different captions, same image

    Building a bilingual web site. All images on both the English & French sides are the same. But for language reasons, I need to have French & English captions on the appropriate image. Is it possible to create two different captions for the same image? Either by creating two different collections...
  5. G

    Viewing Captions in LR Mobe

    Hello! Is it possible to view captions in LR Mobile? I use the Android version 2.2.2. If so I have not been able to figure out how.
  6. mikecox

    Urgent! Slideshow text issue

    I am creating a slideshow, my first, to show at a wine tasting this afternoon but I am flummoxed by how Slideshow module manages text in "ABC"! Be default any text I enter appears on ALL the images! I can't seem to force this to stop! No matter what image I add text to it appears on ALL the...