canon r5

  1. dfkotz

    Can LRC's DNG files use internal compression?

    I just switched to a Canon R5, which produces CR3 raw files. I've read a lot about the difference between its RAW (uncompressed) and CRAW (compressed) formats, and decided to use CRAW; the raw files are about half the size. (I'm not here to debate that choice today.) My LR workflow always...
  2. D

    My photos are making themselves brighter every time I zoom in LR develop.

    Since I started using Canon R5 every time I zoom in in develop my photo gets brighter, so im not sure if its adjusted or what's with the photo. If anybody had any tip or could help I would be really happy if I could get answer.
  3. A

    Canon R5 Rating Infos * -*** not imported in LR CC 10.4

    When rating images on Canon R5 ( one or more *) they do not appear in LR. Not after copying the CR3 files into local dis nor when reading from SD Card. tried with reread metadata from the file. does somebody has experience in this? kindes thanxs for helping
  4. C

    Canon R5 Camera Profiles Workaround?

    I just upgraded to a Canon R5 and returned from a photo trip where I've taken a huge number of landscape and wildlife photos. I used LrC to cull the images and just began editing them. I am somewhat surprised to find that there are no Canon-specific color profiles, just the Adobe color profiles...
  5. C

    Tethering Canon R5 with iPad Pro for editing pictures in Lightroom

    Hi, I want to tether my Canon EOS R5 with iPad Pro (12.9’’) for editing pictures in Lightroom as I take it as part of my work flow. I have checked tether tools website but I am unable to find a solution for reviewing pictures in live environment (via tethering) as well as editing in Lightroom...