camera profiles

  1. J

    Missing Camera and Lens Profiles in LR Classic 2019

    With the latest upgrade I have discovered that I am now missing my Pentax Camera and Pentax Lens profiles. How do I reinstall the Adobe profiles that were perviously provided?
  2. mantra

    Develop module is there a way to use my replichrome I:icon on lightroom and acr?

    Hi in the past i bought replichrome 1 pack (replichrome I:icon) , and it works great under lightroom cc 2015 (6.14) and on photoshop with acr 10.1 well i guess with adobe camera raw 10.3 and lightroom 7.4 , my presets and camera raw profiles don't work correcltly , the camera raw profiles...
  3. R

    ColorChecker Camera Profiles not available on iMac but are available on MacBook Pro

    Have the latest version of LR installed, with latest Apple OS. Having updated to 7.3.1, I now find my ColorChecker Profiles for my Olympus E-M1 Mkii (at least) are not available on my primary iMac, but are on my MacBook Pro. I tried copying (while the file names looked identical, I thought...
  4. Peter Streng

    Lightroom embeds the camera profile into DNG, Why?

    Operating System: W10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 This might be a tricky question, but I would be very pleased to see it solved somehow, because it´s very annoying. In Lightroom you have the possibility to create your own camera profiles...
  5. R

    Importing Camera Profiles to Develop Module

    Hi All I would like to import Camera Profiles from the Libary>Application SupportCamera>Adobe>Camera Raw>Camera Profiles folder on my Mac ( There is a lot of them here, prefer the Nikon D3 version ) right now when importing RAW files to Lightroom CC, I only see the usual Standard, Portrait...