camera profiles

  1. Paul_DS256

    Any Effect in Changing EXIF Camera or Model on LR?

    When I scan film and slides, I change the Camera and Model from the Scanner Manufacturer to the Camera and Model I used to take the picture. I am wondering if this is a good practice or by doing so, I am influencing LR's processing. Thanks
  2. S

    Canon Camera profile & presetd

    Hi All! Please bear with me.. this maybe a little long & I hope it makes sense. I am well aware VSCO aware providing any support or updates for DESKTOP anymore. I’ve been a Nikon user all my life and updated my VSCO presets for my Nikon files before the shut down. fast for two years and I’ve...
  3. J

    LR CC Camera Profiles for Nikon Z 6

    I’m still hanging on (sometimes it seems by my thumbs) to my LR 6.14 perpetual license but I’m contemplating biting the proverbial and subscribing to LR Classic. I’ve acquired several sets of camera profiles from an independent vendor for two or three Nikons and several Panasonic M43 G models...
  4. J

    Camera Profiles for Nikon D2H Type II

    I’ve been using “Cross Camera Profiles” from PS Kiss for many years (Nikons D200, D300, D80, D700, the Panasonic GX series) for the Nikon D2H. After many hours of experimentation the Nikon D2H Type II profile has become my camera profile of choice. I’m now trying to return from a hiatus from...
  5. J

    Missing Camera and Lens Profiles in LR Classic 2019

    With the latest upgrade I have discovered that I am now missing my Pentax Camera and Pentax Lens profiles. How do I reinstall the Adobe profiles that were perviously provided?
  6. mantra

    Develop module is there a way to use my replichrome I:icon on lightroom and acr?

    Hi in the past i bought replichrome 1 pack (replichrome I:icon) , and it works great under lightroom cc 2015 (6.14) and on photoshop with acr 10.1 well i guess with adobe camera raw 10.3 and lightroom 7.4 , my presets and camera raw profiles don't work correcltly , the camera raw profiles...
  7. R

    ColorChecker Camera Profiles not available on iMac but are available on MacBook Pro

    Have the latest version of LR installed, with latest Apple OS. Having updated to 7.3.1, I now find my ColorChecker Profiles for my Olympus E-M1 Mkii (at least) are not available on my primary iMac, but are on my MacBook Pro. I tried copying (while the file names looked identical, I thought...
  8. Peter Streng

    Lightroom embeds the camera profile into DNG, Why?

    Operating System: W10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 This might be a tricky question, but I would be very pleased to see it solved somehow, because it´s very annoying. In Lightroom you have the possibility to create your own camera profiles...
  9. R

    Importing Camera Profiles to Develop Module

    Hi All I would like to import Camera Profiles from the Libary>Application SupportCamera>Adobe>Camera Raw>Camera Profiles folder on my Mac ( There is a lot of them here, prefer the Nikon D3 version ) right now when importing RAW files to Lightroom CC, I only see the usual Standard, Portrait...