1. N

    Cannot import or play videos in LR Classic and cannot purge video cache

    When trying to import a video into LR Classic (latest release 13.2) the error message: “failed to connect to dynamic link server” occurred. After reading many forums, I removed Microsoft Visual Runtime versions and reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (64)-14.38.33135...
  2. J

    Cache files settings

    Hello, So recently I have noticed that LRC is loading up my external drive with cache files after I exit. I went into Settings, Performance, and down to Cache files. Yes it is set to my external drive. I attempted to reset it to "Default" but it's not giving me that option. Its asking what...
  3. A

    Freeing up space by discarding 1:1 preview cache issue

    Hey all I have noticed my 1:1 preview file is a massive 96gb in size, I am wanting to reduce this so I have changed the setting in order to discard after 7 days rather than the 30 that was there. I then read you can manually discard them via the menu so that's what I did for my 49k of photos...
  4. L

    How Can One Find Image Files Lightroom Stores on Local Hard Drive?

    Is there any way to find the individual image files on the local hard drive, perhaps in the cache? It appears that LR mainly stores image files in the Cloud but some number of images may actually be stored in a “cache” on the local hard drive. The size of the cache is adjustable via the LR...
  5. C

    How do I delete synced Cloud data on one machine, without removing from LR Cloud?

    My Mac's disk is nearly full because I set up Lightroom Classic to sync the originals from Lightroom Cloud storage, and since then, hundreds of gigabytes of RAW images have been synced to Lightroom Cloud from an iPad. Lightroom Classic on a different machine (PC) is the single source of truth...
  6. C

    Sync Where is "Delete All Synced Data" documented for Lightroom Classic

    I am trying to find documentation about "Delete All Synced Data" in Lightroom Classic on Mac, to understand its behaviour, and any options it may have. I have searched for it in Feb 2022 edition of "Adobe Lightroom Classic Missing FAQ" and the Adobe online docs, and cannot find any write-up of...
  7. Guido Belli

    Local cache VS local smart preview copies VS local copy of all originals

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about cache, local copies of originals and smart previews. - Is it worth to have a local copy of the smart previews when a copy of all originals is already stored locally? - Are originals stored locally just for backup purposes, or do they have any role in the...
  8. Laura Smith

    Imported images seem to get "stuck" in local storage

    When I import into Lr cloud, the originals get copied/cached at %AppData%\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data\xxxxxx\originals. So far, no surprises. But I have my local storage set to use a cache equal to 1% of free space (I just took it that low for testing) which should put the cache at about 400...
  9. Oliver Vornberger

    Old Lightroom files removed ?

    I found a lot of files in the directory, that I assigned to LR classic (see attached screenshot). Which of these files are really necessary and which files can be deleted ?
  10. A

    Catalogs Cannot Open Catalog - Preview Cache Path Too Long

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC 7.0 I just backed up my laptop to 2 external drives and was randomly checking some files/folders to make sure everything copied over to the external drives. I came across this problem on both...
  11. J

    LR Mobile takes up IOS space even after deleting all files

    Mobile Operating System: Ipad Mini 4 IOS 10.3.3 Desktop Operating System: Mac 10.12.3 Desktop Lightroom Version: LR Mobile Version 2.8.2, LR CC2015.12 Question or Description of Problem: I’ve read Lightroom Mobile is very clever at managing storage space and I think I understand the way...
  12. braver

    Cannot Shrink Lightroom Mobile Storage on iOS

    I'm using Lr Mobile on iOS from the beginning, upgrading the iPhones every year, and it suddenly swelled inside the 7+, taking 200GB of memory. I've had only one collection marked offline, and doing Clear Cache on it freed up meager 400MB. The Lightroom Photos is the only other collection...
  13. E

    6 MB vs 12 MB - Can I Expect Better Speed?

    My computer has really been screwed up by a Windows 10 upgrade. I am trying to resolve that with MS. As a result, Lightroom won't even open. I will try and resolve that with Adobe. But my last resort is I may need to buy a new computer. I can get a good deal on one that has 12MB cache, instead...
  14. C

    Lightroom 6.4 Preview cache problem

    Greetings, I am new member on the forum. I would like to know how can I fix the preview cache error for good. I have tried the fix found on almost every Lightroom forum on internet (which to delete the preview folder) but that is not helping. I keep getting the error. I am so surprised that this...