1. B

    Develop module Repair tool doesn't work anymore after 12.1 update

    Hi there, after the update to 12.1 today the repair tool doesn't work anymore. I tried all 3 variations, none of them works. Does anyone have an idea how to fix that? Thanks for a hint and best regards, Frank
  2. B

    A bug in Lightroom classic and now I can't access anything, any info on this bug?

    I updated MacOS this morning as well as Lightroom Classic. All was fine yesterday before I did this. Now I cannot open my catalog. Any help would be appreciated as now I am totally stuck without anything. This is the message I get The Lightroom catalog cannot be used because the parent folder...
  3. P

    More "Ghost" keywords (Long, with apologies)

    I've been experiencing the "ghost" keyword issue addressed in A keyword bug? since sometime in late spring 2021. My nemesis word is "Hawaii" and it's a sneaky bugger. I've researched this problem over the past few months and found little on it and nothing that has so far helped. Here's the...
  4. jjlad

    Metadata lost on Lightroom 22.1.1 when exporting to different size

    I went to search for recently archived images with certain camera information, only to find that information missing from the archived images. I archive images by making sure all the edits are done, then select them all and do a Ctrl-S to save metadata on all of them, then I select Export with...
  5. AlanHaynes.com

    Keyboard Shortcuts Work Inconsistently

    THE PROBLEM I'm in the Library module of Lightroom Classic. I press the keyboard combination CTRL+U, which is supposed to apply Auto adjustments. Instead, it opens an Export window. In the Develop module, the shortcut works fine. But when I switch back to Library, it goes haywire again. This...
  6. Nicky3540

    Black Screen—Slideshow Bug?

    Sometimes my slideshows play fine; other times, I hit the Play triangle and all I get is a black screen—no music, no show. The only to way to fix it is to quit and restart Lr (without taking time to back up the catalog). Then it works fine—until it hangs again, and there's no predicting when...
  7. A

    Compatibility issues? LR, Blurb, macOS Catalina

    I have just received ten copies of a Blurb magazine I sent for publishing only to discover that the 'photo text' on four pictures is missing. The magazine is 78 pages long and everything else is fine. Looking at the 'preview' on the Blurb page it seems that the magazine didn't upload correctly...
  8. B

    Bug Report Sept. 25 2019 update

    I posted this bug report this morning Sept 26. "Switching from library or map modules to develop module results in a black screen. Switching back is normal. The only way to edit is to shut down the application and restart. I am using Windows 10 Pro Build 17763.737. This bug came with the...
  9. José Gonçalves

    Real folder with 2 files, Lr shows duplicates

    Ok so, this is not the first time it happens, and its been like this for more than a year so it's not an issue of the last version, it happens on this PC and also on my 2 PCs at home. The folder in Pc with, in this case, 2 files, Lightroom shows 6 files, and it shows 6 files because I ask for...
  10. T

    Import "Preview unavailable" problem solved

    Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit Lightroom Version: 5.7.1 Camera: Canon 5D Mark II Hello, I just want to share how I managed to solve the infamous LR import problem with "preview unavailable" message. Copying photos to the HDD and then importing them in LR worked, but not when importing...
  11. Aleko

    Problem with Lightroom Classcic CC

    Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you fix it ?
  12. R

    Brush/Zoom Behavior

    Lightroom CC has suddenly begun behaving very oddly. The zoom tool defaults to negative no matter what I do. I switch it to 2:1, for example, and after a couple uses it switches to 1:8. And even worse, when I use the adjustment brush, spreading my fingers on the trackpad now zooms the image...
  13. M

    Red color blotchs in develop mode

    Hi everyone! I have a problem when editing my photos in develop mode. I get some really weird red color blotches in spots that are very bright and saturated. I made a picture of this with my phone, since the rendered image from LR won't have these red blotches. Here is my system information...
  14. K

    Images darken in develop module after upgrade to LR 6.4

    Hi all this is my first post in this forum, so please be patient with me. I have searched for this problem and did not find an answer. Here's my problem: - After upgrading to LR 6.4, all images in my library appear darker when entering the develop module. It's not camera specific. The problem...