1. andrew.j.crouch

    Classic 8.4 not syncing completely sticking at 31, a bug?

    Hi all, I've noticed quite a few threads about the syncing with the cloud being broken and not completely uploading since upgrading. I've been on the Adobe forum and haven't had a lot of help with the usual methods being advise on, which don't work by the way! I am stuck on 31 files with it...
  2. Umberto Cocca

    Sync Date not reported correctly in LR

    Hi all, I am using LR Classic CC on my desktop and I have set up LR CC on my android phone to syncronize mobile photos to the main catalog. All works fine, except I noticed that WhatsApp images are reported with the wrong capture date and time in the Library Loupe view overlay. In this example...
  3. R

    Crop tool showing last photo before current photo

    Anyone else find this annoying. When I'm working on a new photo and select the Crop tool; since the latest update, the screen momentarily shows the last photo I was working on with its crop before switching to the current photo for me to drag the resizing tabs. I guess it's just a bug since it...
  4. 2

    "Missing" photos detected when synchronizing folder

    Hello, I've found a few threads on an issue similar to this scattered around Adobe's official LR forum, but most were old and none seemed to really go anywhere solution-wise—nor did they have as straightforward a scenario as this. I posted a version of this there, but it's all crickets so far...
  5. B

    LightRoom, first impressions - and problems..

    Hi - this is my first post here. I have been using AcDSee for many years, as well as Photoshop and many other programs for 20+ years. As I now have a more powerful laptop, as well as CC photography subscription I found it was time to move over to LightRoom, as I now have two useable PCs. I...