1. G

    Book Module, adding text to spine.

    I am having trouble adding text to the spine of a book. I inadvertently removed the spine text box and can't get it back. New text boxes will only allow horizontal text. I have read about rotating text, which would work, but I can't find any reference in the book Module. I am printing a...
  2. B

    error exporting book

    why is this haaaaaappening...? any one?
  3. R

    Book Recommendation

    Hi, I have been using Lightroom for many years and am pretty comfortable using it. I now want to step things up and use Photoshop for advanced retouching/blending of photos - be it potraits, travel photography, etc. I've tried teaching myself Photoshop but find it quite impenetrable to start...
  4. D

    CR's are shown as crossed boxes in LR6 Book module

    Hi all, I am trying to create my first book in LR6 and in itself it's working fine, except I am running into a problem when trying to add text to a photo. One of the options here is to use photo metadata to automatically fill the photo text. So that's what I am trying: set the photo text to the...
  5. D

    Need help to restore from backup catalog

    I need help. I am very close to publishing a book. I was in the process of making a PDF from Lightroom so I can check edit, etc. I must have touched something else on the Lightroom screen. When the PDF was done, I had my PDF, but all the book had disappeared except a cover with text and no...
  6. F

    Creating custom book page layout templates using Page2Lr

    If you ever created a book from inside Lightroom, you probably have wondered how to overcome the limited set of standard layouts. You can use various workarounds, like using the Print module, but this is quite cumbersome. Since I got frustrated with the lack of proper options, I have created an...
  7. rctneil

    Book Page Bleed concern

    I'm creating a Photo Book and have a concern about the layouts I am using combined with the Page Bleed. As a starter, I have chosen to use the full page edge to edge style page layouts, I have then added 10pt's worth of padding to each photo. Photo to photo have 5pt's and Photo to page edge...
  8. R

    Is there anyway I can import photos from my Lightoom-Exported PDF back to Lightroom?

    I wanted to make a photo book for a project at school, I exported it as a pdf and lost the original lightroom file. I now want to edit the pdf and add text/move around photos but I can't do that on Acrobat I need to export it back to Lightroom. Any suggestions on how?
  9. frozenframe

    Culling has me stumped

    Hi all, I don't post much here, because most of the time I can find or figure out answers to my questions. However this one has me stumped. First I do know how to cull select my images. I have a catalog of a little over 15k images. I have added keywords, pick-flags, color-labels and of course...
  10. Nancy P.

    Missing pages after exporting as PDF

    My book is over 63 pages. When I export as PDF there are no error messages, but when I open the pdf random pages throughout the book are just white, the images or text is no longer there. :( What am I doing wrong? Thank you for any help! :)
  11. mikecox

    Added new images to Collection; all prev used left filmstrip.

    I used all the images in my Book collection and decided to add more from the folder where the set is located. I returned to the folder, set the Book collection as the Target and added a dozen more images to the collection. When I went back to the Book Mode I found that none of the images I'd...
  12. Des Waterfall

    Export to JPEG in book module only does 22 pages

    I was wondering if anyone can answer this. I have created a book which is 195 pages with images and text. I have sent it to Blurb and received my book which I am pleased with. I need to get the cost down since it will be a charity book so I decided to export as PDF and JPEG which will give me...
  13. Win

    To use the Book module or not?

    I've used Blurb's Booksmart to make photos books for about 8 years. My books are typically 200-250 pages and generally contain about 500 photos and lots of text. I like the idea of creating my books directly in Lightroom but I also know that the Book module lacks some features of Booksmart (such...
  14. B

    Can't See the scroll Bars

    This problem occurs only in the book module. When I click 'Modify Page' a window pops up showing the possible layouts. On the right-hand edge of the window is a scroll bar - which on my system is invisible. If I'm lucky, I sometime hit the slider and can make a selection. Otherwise, I'm in the...