book module

  1. E

    Using the Book Module

    I am having problems using the Book module, even though I have used it many times before. I am trying to set up a book using images from a trip. I created a collection of the images I want to use. However, when I open the Book Module using this collection, I get all the images from the...
  2. Rima Berzin

    Book module Book Module- starting a new book

    BOOK MODULE QUESTION - RE: creating a new book when prior created book is in the module Sorry this is so basic. I've been away from the book module for a while! Upon opening my LrC catalog I created a new collection and went to the Book Module. The last book I had created is there with all...
  3. B

    Book Module with third party Printers?

    Greetings. I am a long time photographer, but new to book printing. I spent some time learning the basics of the layout options, and they seem great. My problem is that this “module” seems to really only work well if you chose to print with a single printer (Blurb). I Have nothing against...
  4. Rob_Cullen

    Book module Blurb Book Price - Warning for International orders

    If you order books, check your currency settings! I recently ordered three copies of a book via the LrC module (also with a 40% discount voucher) I forgot to check the 'currency' for Australian Dollars and the order processed in US$. So what should have cost me ~AU$275.00 (LrC module price less...
  5. P

    Book crashing

    Hi, Using MAC 12.3 (Monterey) and Lightroom 12.0.1 Every thing works fine, except Book. Every time I click on Book, and try to create a book Lightroom crash! I have uninstalled (remove all) and reinstalled, still not work :( Any idea?
  6. H

    Book Module annoyance

    Sometimes the Book Module of Lightroom behaves more than annoying. The layout of my books (I have created more than 50 with Lightroom) has the page numbering start with 4 on the page with the first photo. This time I wasn't able to do what I wanted, the page with the first photo was numbered 1...
  7. M

    Intro and Publishing Advice

    Greetings all, I am a still photographer now retired and beginning to publish books for my clients. I have a special high-end client that wants the leather cover, lay-flat coffee table book and about 300 best-quality, thick pages. I have over 5500 images to cull into this book, some collages...
  8. Cuzzinbrucie

    How to replicate ALL of a book's attributes across multiple books

    I have 5 folders of historical family photos with a varying number of photos in each. I invested a lot of time learning and choosing specific colors, options, sizes, formatting, etc, for my first book/folder. I want to "clone" ALL the attributes from my first book to subsequent books. How do I...
  9. Cuzzinbrucie

    Changes to book settings not saved? Less control of cover pages?

    Question 1: I created a book and saved it under Collections. I returned to the saved book and made several changes to the front and back cover pages. It's my understanding that any settings I change in the Book Settings column on the far right are saved as they are made. When I completed...
  10. W

    Book Module Spine Background Color

    I've created a cover for my book and have picked a color from the photo to be the background color on the spine of the book. Photoshop says the color is # 66387a or RGB 102 56 122. When I type those numbers into the spine background in hex or RGB I get a different shade. Any thoughts on how to...
  11. L

    Book layout differs from pdf

    In laying out pages in the LR book module, The pdf doesn’t match the LR layout. I want to have specific left and right pages displayed across from each other. When I go to export in pdf format, the pages are off by 1 page. Should I trust the pdf or the LR layout for publishing (e.g. to Blurb?)...
  12. W

    Custom Lightroom Book module template question

    If I customize a LR book template and then save it, can I get it to remember settings like turn on photo text and align bottom offset 2 and use title metadata? Or do I have to set that for each photo?
  13. M

    Book module - change the font in the default preset

    Good afternoon I use Avenir Light 14 as my default font for my Blurb books. However, whenever I add a Photo Description cell, I then have to click the Text Style Preset and select my preset otherwise the font automatically default to Myriad Pro 12 pt. How can I change the default font from...
  14. P

    Book module brings in photos from previous book?

    So I made my first book with Lightroom Classics book module, it was fun and simple. (win 10, LR 10.0) Starting my second project I get really frustrated, because I can't seem to start a new book project from scratch with the collection I made for my next book. When I go to the book module from...
  15. Rima Berzin

    Move and work with Book Module from two computers

    I' m making a book which was located on someone else's desktop. I wanted to work on it at my home. I exported the book (from the collection module with ALL THE NEGATIVES) so now I have them and the catalog on my computer. I opened the catalog. When i go to the book module, the photos are...
  16. Bart van Hattem

    Book module background color cover lightroom book module

    Want to chnge the background color of my cover (the back cover) but can't get that done.... In the chapter 20 - book module of the Miising FAQ book I found the possible solution(if it is set to default template but) I hab-ve a photo covering the front cover totallay but can't change the color...
  17. J

    Creating two books out of one

    I have created a book of about 150 pages but now I would like to create a second smaller book using only 60 pages of the original. Has anyone attempted this before? Is it possible to do a "save as" to create a second file and then just delete the pages that I don't want? Is there a way to...
  18. G

    Book Module and Custom Pages

    I am trying to access the Custom Pages I saved in one book when designing a new book. When I do that, no Custom Pages are listed for the new book. Is there a way to use those previously saved custom pages in all new books?
  19. gYab61zH

    Book module: font problem

    I am an avid user of the book module, having produced a large number of books (70 at last count). I am reasonably pleased with the module, especially now that I have managed to solve one of my greatest frustrations, namely how to make a custom sort of all images in a folder carry over into a...
  20. H

    Book module book module resolution parameters

    Hello... I'm trying to decide between the various book module format choices, and I'm trying to understand the resolution choices associated with the different formats. i) Blurb formats will flash a "!" flag to indicate a lower-than-200 ppi value for a page, which is very useful. If I go...
  21. B

    Book module - organising 1000 images for layout

    I want to use the Book module in LR Classic CC. The aim is to make a book with a few images in each of 30 chapters. I have organised the images in a Collection Set with 30 sub Collections with a total of 1000 images. To start out, I highlight the Collection Set, choose Book module and click...
  22. Win

    Book module Photo Borders in Book Module

    It has been a while since I used the Book Module and after updating Lightroom Classic today I was excited to see some features added to it that I've wanted to have for a long time. I quickly downloaded the update to the FAQ book on Lightroom Classic and read up on these new features to add cells...
  23. Win

    Classic vs CC

    I've been using Lightroom (now Classic) for many years now. I have not yet used Lightroom CC and I am trying to figure out if moving to CC is something I should do, or if I should just stick with Classic for now. I would be happy to read posts or pages from Victoria's books if anyone can point...
  24. R

    Book module broken

    I am having major problems with the book module in Lightroom CC Classic version 8.0 -- build 1193777. Searching the internet and these forums shows that there are many bugs with this module. The most common recommendation is to revert to version 7.5. That is my next step. I have posted issues...
  25. D

    Problem with memory and saving book

    Lightroom just crashed while I backing up the catalog. When I reopened LR, only 92 out of 240 pages the of book I'm working on have been saved. Yesterday I installed Norton Security, and soon LR was not responding and I had messages that applications didn’t have enough memory. I also...