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  1. R

    Printing in black and white

    I gather that if you want to print a neutral B+W images from Lr you need to turn of colour management? I use a Mac so after fiddling around I found out how to set Printer Managers colour and then I can see Advanced B+W Photo option and Advanced Settings tab is visible. I'm starting to use my new...
  2. C

    How to remove strong color cast from monochrome image?

    I have a very old print (1903) which has a very strong red cast (I guess it was originally sepia tone that has changed color over years): I want to remove the red cast and either change it to sepia or b&w - assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. G

    RAW file converted to black and white on import without instruction

    Question about Lightroom 5. I've been using this software for some time. It is too old to read the raw files (RAF) from my new Fuji camera so I use the Adobe converter to convert them to DNG and then import them into LR5. Yesterday I shot an event in raw + jpeg. I used the windows 10 photos app...
  4. A

    B&W printer recommendations

    Hi, My Epson SP 600 has finally died (Well needs an expensive service at least). I wish to engage more seriously in B&W printing including toned prints. Any suggestions for an A3 (preferably) or A4 printer to purchase as a replacement please? Andrew
  5. Randy Henry


    Just posting for photo critique.
  6. S

    Black and White coloring issues

    Hi all! I'm fairly new to Lightroom and absolutely love it, but always seem to have trouble with Black and White coloring. I just tried to color a photo and the Saturation is at -100, but the bg still has a green tint (see photos). I want the whole photo bg to be white, but havent been able to...