big sur

  1. M

    lightroom 2v12

    I upgraded my imac to Big Sur in order to upgrade LR Classic 2v12. Several folders missing? Some folders missing photos? Any thoughts to what is happening?
  2. R

    External drive showing twice since updating to 11

    Hello I have used this thread countless times for support, so first of all, THANK YOU! I've just noticed all my photos have the little exclamation point of doom on them, so I had a heart attack thinking I'd lost them. Upon closer inspection, since updating to v11, the folder view is showing a...
  3. J

    help needed moving LR to a new iMac

    I ran into a problem moving LR to a new iMac and would welcome any suggestions. I just joined LRQ have been using the guide for moving to a new computer (thanks - it is a great guide). Environments Old - everything LR related works (w slow performance) iMac 21.5 2017, 8 GB MacOS -...
  4. F

    LR Classic Intel or Universal, which one do I use and need?

    I have noted that in my Macbook applications folder I now have 4 versions of LR apps. I have just switched to LR Classic (pay monthly) from LR 6.14 (eternal use license) since I went to Big Sur which only can use 64 bit apps.. There is a LR Universal and a LR Intel application , as well as a...
  5. KMWatson95

    Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 update

    Has anyone downloaded the Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 update yet? If so, does it work with LRCC?
  6. D

    Error Message: You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo.

    Hi. Recovered image files from deleted hard drive. - Imported a sampling of images (100) into a new catalog in order to test. - Receiving this message "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo." Looking for suggestions.
  7. Michael Naylor

    Big Sur & Capture Time to EXIF

    I haven' used Capture Time to EXIF for some time and now I'm running on macOS Big Sur. I have John Beardsworth's version 1.26 installed with a green light in Plugin Manager and I'm trying to change the camera make and model. I know I need to read the metadata after running the plugin, but...
  8. G

    LR/Mogrify 2 no longer works - a chicken and/or egg situation.

    Hi, I have relied quite extensively on the capability offered by this export plugin. A few days ago, prior to the latest LRC update and the fact that I also just installed Big Sur all was fine. Now it does not work and it gives an error about magick not being safe. Wondering if anyone has...