backup drive

  1. Califdan

    looking for suggestions/warnings on 16TB USB 3.0 drives

    Hi, I'm looking to replace a 8TB Seagate USB External Drive with a new 16TB device. This drive will be used as my backup drive to backup my internal C drive, External P (Photos and Lrc catalog) drive, External S (Music) drive, and will also house the Windows File History files and periodic...
  2. Mitchell Z

    Catalogs How to restore photos and edits from a backup drive?

    This seems elementary. But I have no idea how to do it, and would like to learn before I need to! Two variants of the issue: (1) How to restore entire collection of lightroom-edited photos from a backup drive: This is hypothetical. My Lightroom Classic application and the folder with the...
  3. G

    How to transfer old catalog into LR classic

    Hi, I just got an old hard drive out of storage and want to use some images for a project. I opened up Lightroom and see that I need to update my old catalog, but I'm worried it will corrupt my files. My question is how to back them up, and how to update the catalog. I don't know if my...
  4. U

    chronosync for back-up

    Hi all. I have chronosync, per LQ's suggestion, for backing up my images and catalogue. My back-up took 3.5 hours and showed that everything on my working drive was backed up. However, when I checked the GRAID, only a couple of folders showed in the back-up list. Anybody know what happened...
  5. R

    Can i designate one main disk in RAID 1 configuration?

    Hello, I am a hobbiest photographer and would hate to loose my collection (~650GB) for last 12 years due to the failure of external hard disk. I have tried multiple backup options and recently a photographer suggested me to use RAID 1 config. I was wondering if I use two 2TB HDDs as RAID 1 and...
  6. guido.coza

    will i find adjustments on backup ?

    Hi all As it looks I left my external drive with my pics in a hotelroom and the staff " did not" find it!! Luckely I have all pics twice backed up. The question is will the backup have all adjustments? I thought I could open a pic that is on the missing drive, LR will tell me it cant find the...