1. J

    Best backup strategy for Lightroom (cloud-based)

    I am using Lightroom v7.0 (cloud-based service) with a library containing 65,000 photos totaling 2.2TB, and everything is functioning smoothly in the cloud. However, I am concerned about having a local backup of all my photos. I've explored two options: 1. Enabling the 'store a copy of all...
  2. R

    XMP Files / workflow and backup

    I wonder if I do it right...(and already know there must be a better path...) ;) I work with one big catalog. My catalog setting is set to "Automatically write changes into XMP" (I shoot mainly Fuji RAF & Leica DNG). Catalog on external HD#1, Raw files present in my catalog are on HD#2. HD#1...
  3. paulgodard

    lrcat file missing - no recent backup - urgent help needed

    Hi For the first time since I use LRclassic from v1, my main catalog folder was missing when I opened LRc today. I found it in the bin BUT the lrcat file is not there. I really can not understand how this could have happened. OK "maybe" I was distracted and I trashed the folder but then how is...
  4. C

    Back up of books in Lightroom Classic

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this one. I use LR Classic. Because I have 200.000+ pictures, I use a NAS storage to keep all my pictures. I have a couple of books that have costed me a lot of work and that I would like to back up in case something happens to my iMac. So I...
  5. R

    store other data on external drive with photos

    I have an external 6 TB drive that I store my photos on. Since my Time Capsule is full, I need more storage for a complete back up of my computer using Time Machine. Is it a bad idea to use the same hard drive as the one where my photos are stored? My instinct tells me not to use it but my...
  6. T

    LR--Missing back up dialog box on quit

    I recently created a new LR cataloge. Unlike my two other catalogues, when I quit this one I do not get the usual "Back Up Catalog" dialogue box. Instead the catalogue just quits (without creating a back up anywhere on my computer), despite having set the back up option to "Every time...
  7. Antonio Correia

    Catalogs, settings and Back-ups

    I have 1 MacBook + 1 iMac + 1 LaCie drive. I work with all my available images stored in the last device with one computer or the other. Sometimes I make Back-ups And - sometimes - I used to erase the created folders. Not any more. Each time I erased and old Back-up I had problems about missing...