1. B

    Workflow LR tiff pictures converted to jpg including improvements

    I have scanned many thousand slides into tiff format, 45-50Mb each. The slides are from 1980 to 2007. What is a good workflow to convert them to jpg at 5Mb each, second I need an automatic improvement in color and sharpness? I can not analyze each photo individually. I realise that a fair...
  2. J

    Automate removal of color cast from Lightroom to photoshop

    In restoring old photo where the dies have shifted I found that I can export the photo "in Lightroom" to photoshop, then create the opposite of the color cast, then use the color blend mode to neutralize the color cast (mixing in the opacity at about 45%), then back to Lightroom. Could someone...
  3. retina

    Reading XMP sidecar files automatically on import

    Hi folks, is there a way for Lightroom to automatically read an associated XMP sidecar file when importing RAW files? I know that you can select any number of files and use the menu option 'Metadata>Read metadata from file' after importing, but I would like to have the option of doing this...