1. H

    Is a full move to the cloud based service really possible?

    Folks, I've been an LR desktop user since it was originally released. I have one very large catalog with over 300,000 images and smaller catalogs that together make up this large catalog. My current workflow is to import onto an Ipad (and this is where most of my editing takes place now too)...
  2. lbeck

    Is it possible to merge keywords to a more recent catalog?

    For months I've been actively editing my Lr catalog to both 1) delete photos and 2) enhance my "keepers". I've successfully updated my catalog by eliminating about 7000 photos and have done a decent job of editing the ones that I want to keep. Unfortunately, I haven't kept track of keywords in...
  3. T

    Catalog Overload?

    Hi! Been a LR user since 2015. With half a decade worth of files, I am noticing a significant slowing down of LR (especially when backing up). Is it advisable to say, create a separate catalog for archive purposes and have an active working catalog? Or would it just cause more confusion in the...
  4. T

    Looking for suggestions: best approach using LRCC and /or LRCC Classic to manage current (10GB) and archived (60GB) libraries

    I'm currently trialling the Photography Plan and plan to opt for the 20GB of storage plan. I no longer amass thousands of images per month so in terms of the images I need access to for viewing / editing on a daily basis, my needs are quite modest and 20GB will be more than enough cloud storage...