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  1. M

    Import Apple Photos library locally? why grayed out?

    I'm not sure I'm in the right forum - I'm using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 7.1.2 I want to migrate a large (500 GB) Apple Photos library to Lightroom. I want it local, but it looks like when in local mode, the Apple Photos Library... import option is grayed out; it only comes alive if I choose...
  2. M

    Sync Lightroom Classic images into Apple Photos

    Hello, I am new to this forum, sorry if I am asking something very basic. My issue is that my wife only shots with her Iphone, and I do most with my Nikon DLSR. We would like to have all our photos in one place, and she is not used to LR, she would prefer that I managed to send all my pictures...
  3. T

    Workflow using LR Classic, LR Mobile (IOS) and Apple Photos

    Over this summer I've been using my iPhone 12 much more frequently as a P&S camera, using the built-in Camera app. The images it takes are excellent, especially if the light is decent and I have the camera set to record raw (DNG). I also have Lightroom Mobile installed, which will happily load...
  4. steve159

    Migrating from Apple Photos; need help!

    I'd like to migrate my 85,000+ Apple Photos library to Lightroom cloud version. I did a test library of 2000 photos that worked fine with one huge snag: edited photos did not migrate. What gives?! I don't expect the edits to be editable, but I do expect to see the edited version paired with the...
  5. Stephanie Booth

    "merging" metadata and photographs

    I'm currently in the process of merging back into my Lightroom catalog a few years of photos that went into Apple Photos and were put in albums, sometimes edited, over there. I've described the first part of my process here: Moving From Apple Photos to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Right now I'm...