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  1. M

    Import Apple Photos library locally? why grayed out?

    I'm not sure I'm in the right forum - I'm using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 7.1.2 I want to migrate a large (500 GB) Apple Photos library to Lightroom. I want it local, but it looks like when in local mode, the Apple Photos Library... import option is grayed out; it only comes alive if I choose...
  2. M

    Leaving Lightroom for Apple iCloud Photos

    Hi, I have an old Lightroom catalogue of about 37,000 photos and video that I would like to migrate across to the Cloud. I no longer use Lightroom and so there is no need for me to continue with the subscription. I find Apple Icloud Photos suit me (and my mac environment) perfectly especially...
  3. S

    Any suggestions for workflow for those who use Apple / Mac Photos to import regularly to Lightroom Classic

    I recently subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription, and started re-learning the latest Lightroom Classic after stopped using Lightroom Classic 6 for a few years. I used Apple / Mac Photos in the past few years because I stopped bringing my dSLR/prosumer digital cameras with me, and...
  4. H

    Managing Apple Photos + Lightroom Mobile

    Greetings. I am wondering how people manage both the Apple Photos library and the Lightroom Mobile library on the iPhone. I have Lightroom set to automatically import from Apple Photos, but it leaves a copy in Photos so I have redundant copies. I don’t see a way to make it delete from the...
  5. D

    Would a new IMAC help me?

    I have the opportunity to buy a use IMAC at a very good price. i'm currently on an older imac but don't know if the new one is going to give me enough performance increase. here's my specs: using LR CC Classic with 390,00 photos in one catalogue. i have the photos spread over 7 or 8 external...
  6. alan Clark

    apple photos app and Lr

    Is it possible to move my images from photos app to lightroom? And if so how do i go about it. is there a method i can use where by it will carry on doing it for with out prompting from me. In part this os i can run the images in lightroom which i get on well with and also to lighten the load on...