aperture import

  1. T

    Moving Messy Aperture Files

    I'd like to move my old Aperture files to L/R Classic but the original files are spread across 6 or 7 external drives. Most are referenced but I also have some that are managed files. The only alternative I can think of is to plug in the drives a few at a time and do this in piecemeal fashion...
  2. Ian-DB

    Import Moving from Aperture to LR Classic - file structure

    I’m looking to move from Aperture to Lightroom. My preferred file structure is folders for years with sub folders for months (and no further subfolders as I don’t want it split to days). Can I get LR to import like this or will it have to show daily folders? And what workflow would you...
  3. T

    Preparing Aperture Library Projects For Move To LR

    My entire Aperture library 370 Gb is managed on my iMac. I will be new to LR. I have studied a previous post here re moving from Ap to LR. It is very valuable. My question is how to best prepare my Aperture library which contains projects inside albums to make the transfer as seamless as...
  4. A

    Mystery "[Year]Lightroom" folders

    Hi Folks, tl;dr: What are the Lightroom folders that live in the top of each Year folder in my LR archive? I am trying to restore/re-organise after a major SSD malfunction, and I am running into some import/sync issues. I think the problems at least partially stem from the presence of folders...