1. Minguy

    Android User -- What Am I Missing?

    For better or worse, I've always operated exclusively in an Android environment for mobile. I'm comfortable using Lightroom mobile (8.1.x), on my Galaxy devices, as well as Classic on Win10 (12.4), but I literally don't know what I'm missing by never having seen the iPhone interface. For...
  2. becksnyc

    Android SD Card storage for LrM

    I upgraded to a 1TB SD card for my tablet. I'd like to put the older/smaller card into another Android device (my phone) and use it for LrM. If I just transfer the card, as is, will the LrM data be transferable to the new device, please? I only just began to use LrM in BOTH devices. Both devices...
  3. N

    Report on traveling with DSLR/Android/ipad and questions about things that didn't work

    This is a trip report about traveling with DLSR, smartphone, and iPad, and syncing to LRC on a desktop on return. First, NZ was awesome! We traveled the entire country from the tip of the North Island to Stewart Island in the south. Just magnificent. My plan for DSLR/Android/ipad worked...
  4. G

    DNG & JPG combined

    Hi, I use a Pixel 6 pro. Other than mobile photos taken with my previous phones (Galaxy Note 20, Huawei P30) shots taken as DNG and JPGs are not combined as one photo (jps in sidecar), neither in LR mobile app nor in LR classic. Seems these are not recognizer as being "next to each other". Any...
  5. R

    Deleting files on android phone after import to LR Mobile

    I'm sure this question is asked and answered but apparently I don't know enough to find the info in a search. It's not from lack of trying I promise! In short, I've gone on a trip and taken thousands of photos. I've installed LR Mobile for Samsung and I've sync'd those photos. I can log into...
  6. D

    How to import presets in Lightroom?

    Hi, I just got to know Lightroom from a suggested friend so I'm not familiar with it yet. How to import presets in lightroom? Please help!!
  7. charleskinghorn

    Cropping on an Android Tablet in LR Mobile

    While waiting in my doctor's office this morning for an appointment, I processed a good number of photographs in LR Mobile on my Android tablet (it was a very long wait). All the photographs were cropped 4x5 by selecting that in the Aspect drop-down list. When I got home and started to review...
  8. Sashina

    Android to Classic - ongoing syncing issues

    Hello I know there have been other threads about this issue, but everyone seems to have a slightly different experience. I'd had problems with the Android app itself, but now (on a new phone) that seems to be sorted. Any photos/collections in my desktop catalogue which I choose to sync with...
  9. P

    Lightroom mobile camera not accessible

    I have a Samsung S8 running Android version 9. If I launch Lightroom on this phone and select the camera I get a black screen with a small white camera outline near the center of the screen but I'm unable to take any photos. I've allowed all permissions. What might I be doing wrong? Thanks
  10. Sashina

    Moving photos from Mobile 'Imported Photos': Creating new date folders in catalog

    Greetings! When importing images from an SD card or similar source, I'm fine with how Lightroom creates appropriate dated folders at time of import. That's all working smoothly for me. But when I import from Mobile (ie moving photos from my 'Samsung XXX' / Imported Photos' folder (photos taken...
  11. Umberto Cocca

    Sync Re-sync a corrupted file from Android to Classic

    Hi, I am using LR Classic on my Win 10 laptop, and I have installed LR CC on my Android phone. I set it up so that I can automatically add the mobile phone photos to LR CC and sync that collection to LR Classic. In LR Classic I received an error message scrolling through one of the 3000 photos...
  12. braver

    First LrCC Android Impressions: the Holy Grail is Nigh!

    After being a loyal iOS only user for 11 years, I've finally decided to give Android a try with Note 9 -- most of all, for the S Pen, and the 512GB internal memory, and the microSD card for storing my Lr Mobile-uploaded albums, 330K+, locally. I also wanted to try importing in the field and...
  13. Raajesh

    Where are the recently copied settings stored in Lightroom's directory in Android?

    With the recent update to 3.5, there is an option to create presets which can be accessed in "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.adobe.lrmobile/files/carouselDocuments/a lot of zeros/Profiles/Settings/UserStyles/" I even copied a preset from my desktop, and it appears there and works nicely...
  14. T

    Exported Image Compression & Wrong Colour Space from LR Mobile

    I use Lightroom Mobile quite a bit to get photos to social media, as it has in-built sharing functions that just make it all so much easier. However, recently I've been adding a lot more red to my edits and I've found that when shared to Instagram, for example, these colours are often removed or...
  15. NJHeart2Heart

    Questions about LR for Android..

    Mobile Operating System: Android Desktop Operating System: macbook pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5 classic I have not read much about the LR app - I have been too busy rebelling against the idea of a subscription- but I suddenly have discovered a few reasons which are...
  16. Sashina

    Android - still confused about storage types and limits

    Greetings! I thought I was clear on how LR Mobile uses smart previews to reduce demand on local mobile storage. I have just received a warning on LR Mobile (exclamation mark on the top right cloud symbol): You are nearing the storage limit for your account and uploading new files may not be...
  17. Umberto Cocca

    LR CC Android and LR Classic working together

    Mobile Operating System: Android Desktop Operating System: Windows 10 Desktop Lightroom Version: Latest subscription, classic mode Question or Description of Problem: BEFORE LATEST LR UPDATES: I set up my LR CC mobile for android to automatically look up for images on my mobile and add...
  18. J

    Lightroom Mobile on Android, will not upload photos.

    Mobile Operating System: iOS / Android Desktop Operating System: Question or Description of Problem: When taking photos using the Lightroom Mobile app on my Pixel phone, the photos will not upload to the cloud. The app shows “photos pending” and appears to be trying to upload them, but...
  19. H

    How to name photos in Lightroom so that I will see them in the same order on a tablet in Adroid?

    How to name photos in Lightroom 3 so that I will see them in the same order on a tablet in Adroid? I ususally name my photos after having created a show in a folder at last like 2017-10-04_Lightroom_1.jpg etc. If I copy such a folder with more than 100 photos on my new tablet Samsung SM-T560...
  20. R

    In-app camera killing my phone

    Hi I am running v2.1.1 of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on my Galaxy Note 4 running Android v6.0.1. The new in-app camera looks like an excellent improvement and I would love to use it more but I find that the phone switches itself off after taking only 2 or 3 photos. Not only does it 'die', I...
  21. G

    Lightroom Mobile for Android Crashes Consistently on Samsung Tab S2

    This is such a shame. When it works, it is brilliant, but I can only edit 2 or 3 photos before the image goes black then LightRoom crashes. I am running Android 6.0.1 and Lightroom for Android 2.1.1> I have installed a 256 GB micro SD card and backup my dng photos from my dslr sd cards...