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  • Lightroom Classic users who are running 13.3... 13.3.1 is now out with the following bug fixes:
    1. Location fields go missing after syncing the images
    2. Map Search is not returning a result
    3. There are no notifications for new likes in 13.3
    4. Crash while applying Remove on Windows
    5. When editing with Smart Previews instead of Originals, the source heal/clone area cannot be moved
    6. Mismatch between the brush size and the mask created
    There are still outstanding new bugs, mostly around sync and writing to XMP, so if these are essential in your workflow, you may want to stick to 13.2 for now. See the list at the top of our blog post for more details.


  1. morris.ian.f

    LIGHTROOM CC. Finding images in the cloud that aren't in an Album

    When images are imported to LR CC they normally go into the selected Album. Over time they can be deleted from the Album and still remain in the Adobe Cloud. Any clues or workflows to identify the lost images?
  2. Arqtiq

    Photos not in albums anymore

    I usually import my photos into an album on Lightroom mobile in my iPad Pro when on the road. I then start culling them, rejecting and rating them. And sometimes, I already start some minor editing. Back home, I will sync everything to the Adobe cloud, then sync it back to my MacBook Pro...
  3. O

    How to free up space on iPad after using “Store Locally” option

    Hi I have a lot of images in collections synced to the cloud as smart previews from Lightroom Classic, I want to use my iPad to sort and cull many of these images. I can see these collections as albums in Lightroom on my iPad, however working with these in the cloud is slow. Each image needs to...