ai masking

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    AI Powered Red Eye Reduction

    Is there an AI powered tool for red eye removal? I am thinking of something like an option In the Person Mask Options for Red Eye removal. Yes I know my sample image doesn't have red eye but I can't find a better example right now. Then I would be able to copy the mask to all other images...
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    AI Masking Performance (NOT DENOISE)

    I am editing for a few different photographers (looking to take on more clients if you are looking for an editor)and I do a lot of synced ai masks as well as presets with ai masks. Is AI Masking NOT AI Denoise CPU or GPU bound . If its GPU bound is it based more of RT cores or standard cores. In...
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    LR Use of AI and thus the GPU

    Tom's Hardware is running an article today on which GPUs work best with AI. It talks about how Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are being used in so many programs now and there is a heavy reliance on the GPU to do this. Here is my point, or question. About 4 months ago as GPU prices...