adobe cloud

  1. oliver42

    Stuck during syncing between Adobe Cloud and LR classic

    After I take a picture with my iphone I start the LR mobile App to initiate the upload to the Adobe cloud. However, within Adobe LR classic on my desktop, the download from the cloud is stuck, i.e. several pictures are waiting in the pipeline (see pictures). What is going on ?
  2. iansopenshutter

    Continuous spinning wheel When Opening Adobe Cloud app

    Hi every one, My name is Ian and I have run into the following problem as described below, any advice or better still a solution would be greatly appreciated. Back to LR again! On launching the Adobe creative cloud App it was incredibly slow to launch, indeed on a couple of occasions it didn’t...
  3. David Gordon

    Auto upload from iOS Photos to Adobe Cloud has stopped working :(

    I had this working. I take a picture on my iPhone and open Lightroom CC which seems to initiate the transfer from Photos to my Lightroom Cloud. Then I see the pictures on my Mac in Lightroom Classic CC. Now although everything is in sync, new photos are not coming into the iOS Lightroom CC app...
  4. Luc Desaulniers

    Is this workflow possible/viable?

    Good day. My 2012 Retina MBP is beginning to show its age and I am (still) looking for an upgrade. I am currently using Lr CC Classic to edit along with a few plugins for my monochromatic conversions. I was looking at purchasing a new MBP but am intrigued by the newest iPad Pros. I am trying...
  5. Palh

    Consider moving from LR classic to LR CC and cloud services

    Hi, I spoke to adobe support yesterday, but did not get the answers I need, so I turn to your expertise. First a short description of my config. One iMac with 256gb flash disk and 4TB hdd, using Lightroom Classic with folder structure. I only use folders, so no albums or other tools for...
  6. T

    Looking for suggestions: best approach using LRCC and /or LRCC Classic to manage current (10GB) and archived (60GB) libraries

    I'm currently trialling the Photography Plan and plan to opt for the 20GB of storage plan. I no longer amass thousands of images per month so in terms of the images I need access to for viewing / editing on a daily basis, my needs are quite modest and 20GB will be more than enough cloud storage...
  7. W

    Lightroom Classic CC reporting cloud full

    Hi I have a problem with LR Classic CC 7.5. It reports that my cloud storage (20GB) is full, and hence won't let me sync photos, even though my cloud storage is in fact empty. I've contacted Adobe support (what a misnomer) three times, twice I've spoken to an agent who knew less than I did and...
  8. George Burrows

    Adobe Cloud vs iCloud and Import

    is wi-fiOperating System: IOS 11 iPad Pro and Windows 10 PC Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC I am adding an iPad Pro 12.9 rather than a Windows Laptop. One of many questions is Cloud storage. Research is telling me that iCloud has...