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adjustment brush

  1. R

    Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush not working with LR 9.3

    LR 9.3 automatically installed over night, something I must stop happening given my current problem! When I use the graduated filter or the adjustment brush I get the pink tell tale of where I have painted but the sliders do not work and no adjustments are made. Both are critical areas and I...
  2. R

    Saving a local adjustment brush movements

    Hello is there anyway to save all adjustments that I have made with the adjustment brush? Creating a brush preset only saves the values but not the area that I painted. The reason is, I wish to create a star shape with one brush and to be able to use it in the future. This works when I save the...
  3. J

    Can’t see adjustments being made anymore

    I recently upgraded to LR classic version to 9.0 Now when I use my adjustment brush I can see the initial brush but any changes that I do to the slider i.e. exposure temp etc while the brush is in use I can’t see the changes until I hit done. Before the update I could see the changes as I was...
  4. Paul_DS256

    How to Hide Mask in Adjustment Brush

    I have a feeling this is operator error but I can't find an answer. When I enable the ADJUSTMENT BRUSH (just started playing with it) and paint an area, the mask appears. I make adjustments using the slider but I can't toggle off the mask to see the adjustments. When I paint, the mask is...
  5. C

    New adjustment brush with same settings?

    Sometimes after I apply an adjustment brush, I want to apply the same settings (or at least START with the same settings) to a different area. But, when I click "New," the settings typically snap back to something else (I haven't quite determined to what the settings revert to). Is there a way...
  6. J

    A Plus (+) sign in my Adjustment Brush

    I have a A Plus (+) sign in my Adjustment Brush and the brush does not work. I have no apparent problem with any other adjustment tools. Any ideas? I am run-in on a MacBook Pro with OS 10.14.5
  7. S

    Develop module Adjustment Brush not always working

    My Adjustment Brush in LR5 is very hit and miss - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I get it to work by clicking on Spot Removal then returning to it. I may need to do that 7 out of 10 times. Any suggestions how I can get rid of this annoying quirk? Thanks
  8. M

    Local Adjustments Increase/Decrease brush size didn't work

    Hi all, have Lightroom Classic version: 8.2.1 [ 1206193 ] and the keyboard shortcut [ and ] didn't work like before :( Now they change the rating of the picture and didn't change the brush anymore. In keyboard shortcut list both functions have [/] assigned. So I'm alone or anoybody else have...
  9. Heronsong

    Sometimes sticky adjustment brush

    For a long time I have noticed that the adjustment brush sometimes keeps the settings I made in the last edit when I go to a new image and sometimes it does not, but I've been unable to determine what governs this. It would be really handy if I could somehow tell it to keep the settings (without...
  10. R

    Brush/Zoom Behavior

    Lightroom CC has suddenly begun behaving very oddly. The zoom tool defaults to negative no matter what I do. I switch it to 2:1, for example, and after a couple uses it switches to 1:8. And even worse, when I use the adjustment brush, spreading my fingers on the trackpad now zooms the image...
  11. A

    Retrieving "Blown out" highlights ?

    Attached is a picture I took last year with an Lumix FZ200 camera of wild garlic in a wooded glade. I've tried several ways to adjust the sunlight areas of the picture, but to no avail. Can you suggest how I could retreive the blown out sunlight areas on the picture?
  12. mkilci

    How to selectively reset development on 200+ photos?

    Hello. I got myself into a mess and need advice. I developed 200+ pictures from a shoot, making basic corrections as well as selective masking to remove a white background blemishes. I want to remove only the masking from each photo. Is there a way to do this on all 200 images. I want to keep...
  13. N

    Adjustment brush color is too faint.

    I'm fairly new to LR 5 and am having trouble with my adjustment brush tool. The red color marking my selection is so very faint I can just barely see it. Is there a way to deepen/darken the color?
  14. P

    Adjustment Brush Overlay Mask

    Masks in Photoshop can be quickly inverted. Does anyone using LR (CC) or LR6 know of a way to invert an adjustment brush overlay mask in Lightroom alone?
  15. K

    Adjustment brush with color - can't get the color I set.

    Hi all - I'd appreciate an explanation of how colored adjustment brushes work. What I see is that even when I have an absolutely white area (R,G.B)= (100,100,100)% on the histogram, and I select brush color as H=0;S=100, which gives a seemingly pure Red, my brush with (Feather-0, Flow=100 and...