1. Raztrend

    Blend Modes and Channels in LR 7.3 ACR 10.3

    With the latest update it's possible to view Channels in LR/ACR and use 14 Blend Modes on a single image (RAW and Non-RAW images) Preview Channels in Lightroom and ACR - RGB, CMYK, LAB, YUV, also Saturation and Brightness masks plus Skin tones. Also you can use Channels Swap for IR & UV images...
  2. mantra

    camera calibration profiles color & importing images

    hi i'm still running lightroom cc 2015 (6.14) , cc classsic seems buggy sometime well i shoot canon mostly and nikon , when i 'm lucky leica and when i'm very very lucky medium format the point , i use mostly lightroom cc for the first editing after bridge and photoshop one problem i had in...