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    Anyone think Adobe could improve LR-PS integration when it comes to running actions?

    Hope this will be a productive discussion to find better ways of running PS actions from within LR. I have practised with various methods of doing this, but all ways seems to have pros/cons over the other and I think Adobe could be doing more to introduce this integration as a feature of LR...
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    Is this a bug? can someone else try this simple test

    OK, This is in LR 3.3 x64 version running in Win7 64bit: In Library (or develop), press F a few times to cycle through screen modes until the menu is completely hidden - that's the way I like it to get maximum screen size. Now right click your currently displayed image in Loupe view and choose...
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    Edit in Photoshop CS5 does not stack new file with original

    I am using LR3.2 x64 with PS CS5 x64 (under Windows 7 x64) and when I choose Edit in Photoshop CS5, edit the file, do a save, close the image, close CS5; end result is the new file sitting beside the original, but not stacked. Any ideas why? Perhaps a setting I have missed? This worked...
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    Removing sidecar files as don't need the clutter - how to unlink?

    I am sure I have been involved in conversation about this a long time ago but can't find it in search, so here goes: I want to get rid of all my sidecar files. In fact I did it already. To be honest, I don't know why I had so many as I don't generally save to sidecars but some of it may be a...
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    Improvements of LR3.2 over LR2.7 - I am impressed!

    Apart from the main new features in LR3 which I find immensely useful, such as: Tethered capture, lens Corrections, amazing noise reduction, improved import dialog, integrated watermarking etc, etc, there are several smaller improvements which make the whole experience of LR now much nicer to...
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    Fixed! - LR 2.5 - Camera profiles all gone (apart from defaults)

    I was just editing a set and the reds were off by a mile, so I figured I'd go check out the Camera calibration panel - low and behold, all my custom camera profiles are missing from the list. I'm left only with the default options. Now I'm not sure if this is as a result of upgrading to 2.5 or...
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    Sidecar file missing

    Just a quickie - I did a Ctrl-S to create sidecar files in order that I could browse the images in Bridge and run a PS script on them (with settings applied). Once all done, I deleted the sidecar files. Then when browsing the set back in LR, I get an icon shown in the top right of each grid in...
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    Fixed! LR/Mogrify 4.14 - export preset issue in 2.5

    I just noticed a bug in the latest version of LR/Mogrify (4.14) in LR 2.5 (64bit) running under under Vista Ultimate 64: If you update the watermark logo settings of one of your export presets (i.e. dimensions and image path, plus location and offset entered), then choose to update the preset...
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    Is it possible to filter to show just cropped images?

    I think the title says it all! Just realised I have been cropping images without the aspect ratio lock set on, so I will have a bunch of pics not at the correct ratio - Doh! Client insists on consistent ratio across all submitted images. Cheers, Paul A
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    Command-line options for LR 2.4?

    I am having a model/shoot database developed and just came up with an idea - I would like for each shoot record in the database to point to the folder containing the RAW images on my hard drive, and to the LR catalog where these images are imported. The theory is: when I locate a shoot record in...
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    Corrupted 1:1 Previews with 5d Mk2

    I took a couple of family images last week with my new Canon 5d MkII and imported them into LR 2.3 (64bit Win Vista64). I also did another shoot of a model (several sets) which were also imported into the same catalog. All pics appeared fine at that stage, even when zooming to create 1:1...
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    Best workflow for off-line editing on laptop?

    Just wondering what ideas you guys have for the following scenario: My main images are on my PC based workstation in a folder structure such as: d:\pjamedia\working\my shoots\<yyyy-mm-dd> <modelname>\set1 ... d:\pjamedia\working\my shoots\<yyyy-mm-dd> <modelname>\setn My assistant is editing...
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    Custom XMP panel - possible?

    For my shoots, I enter certain XMP data only - many of the fields I'm just not interested in. All the fields I want are available when I display the all fields option which is cool, but having to scroll down to figure out which fields I want is a pain. Is it possible to create a custom set of...
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    LR 2.2 just around the corner?

    I saw an adobe post somewhere yesterday saying that 2.2 is on its way - including support for the new eos 5d Mk2. Think I'm going to have to buy one! Anyone using PS CS4 yet with LR 2.1? PJA
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    A server version of Lightroom would be nice for pro use

    Now when it comes to the Video editing world of the big boys like the BBC, they use Avid for all their work. Why? Because Avid offer a complete professional video editing solution - rather than a bit of software that runs on a PC/Mac. Avid's complete solution comes in the form of a dedicated...
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    histogram displaying only cropped data from image?

    I would like this as a feature (assuming it isn't already available!). What I am suggesting is for a histogram model which only displays data referring to the image inside a crop. Hope this makes sense! PJA
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    Error when moving files to external

    Willis, I follow the same routine, moving files I've finished working on from my local hard drive to a network server which I have mapped as an I: drive in Vista. I don't move the files within LR though, I do it through windows explorer. The way my files are stored is that I have a parent...
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    Keywording problem with screen 2 grid

    I have a large keyword list with keywords and sub-keywords etc, I.e. Location > Indoor > Artist Studio; Location > Indoor > Dining Room etc. I also have 2 monitors so have enabled the grid on the 2nd display If I 'select all' in the grid on this second display and drag/drop these selected...
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    PS CS3 launches but no image opened!

    I just tried editing an image in Photoshop in LR2 (retail version) and although PS launches, it doesn't open an image. With PS bstill open at this point, if I click the image in LR again and choose Edit In Adobe Photoshop CS3, the focus switches to PS and I get an error message saying 'The file...
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    LR2 Annoyance more than a bug!

    In dual screen mode with the Grid view on my second monitor, I can't use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll down the thumbs in that window - anyone else get the same thing, or is it just me? Thanks, Paul
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    Just bought LR2. On XP x64 only installs 32bit version!

    Think the title says it all. the text made it sound like the 64 bit version was available to XP x64 and Vista 64bit - doesn't seem to be! Paul :( LR2 is totally ace though:D I lurv it!
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    Another hello from Scotland

    It appears there's a lot of Scots in the Lightroom Forums! Well I'm not Scottish exactly but have been here for 1' years so an adopted Scot! Apologies to everyone, I have been posting on here for the last month or so and didn't see this introductions area, so though - better late than never! I...
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    Best laptop for location shoots/edits?

    I'm looking for a new laptop for a variety of reasons, but my main requirement is a decent display, as it would allow me to get started with post-prod whilst I'm away - I want one therefore that I can calibrate to render reasonably accurate results, and one which gives a decent luminance output...
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    Use of variables in directory naming for import

    There seems to be reasonable support for file re-naming during import or auto-import, but no support for doing the same with directory name/path. What I would like is the ability to create a directory for imported files, with options to suggest a path based on one or more available varialbles...
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    Lightroom hangs 20 seconds after launching it!

    I am getting a bit upset with LR today! I have been working fine since biting the bullet and switching to LR 1.4.1 a few weeks ago and have processed 4 professional shoots using it so far and my clients are very happy with the results. Today I decided to import my 2''7 files and that worked...