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  1. SuzImages

    Using the eye dropper for white balance

    I only found an old thread dated 2012, so I need to ask here. I am editing a certain picture that has NO white in it, and also has no grey, other than the sky and eye dropper said it was improper to use that. How do I use the eye dropper to set the correct white balance?
  2. SuzImages

    Changing backup locations in Lightroom Classic CC

    So sorry if this has been answered somewhere else. I am trying to change the location for my Lightroom catalog backup. The default seems to be my Mac. I want all my catalog backups to be on an external hard drive. I went into Preferences and did not find a place to change catalog backup...
  3. SuzImages

    EHD conflicts using Lightroom and Mac Time Machine

    Operating System: MacBook Pro. latest version Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC I have had a conflict with two EHDs. They are both named the same. One I use with Mac Time machine to back up my system. The new EHD will now be used to back up my files, the Lightroom...
  4. SuzImages

    Moving a folder from one EHD to another.

    Operating System: Mac OSx Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC for Mac The EHD I have been using has my DNG backups from 2011 through the present 2018. That EHD is almost full. And I can't seem to find a thread on how to do this. I want to move a folder (2018...
  5. SuzImages

    Importing to Lightroom CC all photos

    Operating System: Lightroom Classic & Lightroom CC Is there a way to import all my photos into Lightroom CC and then select/put them into folders/albums. It's quite tedious to do it a folder at a time.
  6. SuzImages

    Pointing to new catalog location (thread title edited for software bug!)

    I COPIED, (not moved) my 2015 lightroom CC catalog folder to my external hard drive through my Mac. After doing that I wanted Lightroom to point to the new catalog in the external hard drive, and when that happened I would delete the old catalog on my internal hard drive. But when I went to...
  7. SuzImages

    Uninstalling Lightroom 5 after install Lightroom 6 CC

    I've read in several places where people have trouble uninstalling Lightroom 5 once Lightroom 6 CC is installed. Is there a good clean way to uninstall Lightroom 5 on my Macbook Pro Yosemite? My catalog is in Lightroom 6, so I don't want to mess anything up with 6.
  8. SuzImages

    Are Lightroom presets for a Mac different than for a PC?

    When I switched over from a PC to a Mac recently, i tried to install the Lightroom presets I had on the PC, but none of them are showing up. Are presets for a Mac different than for a PC? Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. SuzImages

    Download error?

    I've tried twice to download Lightroom 5.6. It seems like it has downloaded just fine, but when I try to extract it, it gives me an error message: Download has failed, please download again. Has anyone had that problem?
  10. SuzImages

    Publishing a Collection, then what?

    I have made virtual copies of my recent upload and put them in a collection I called "Flickr" to publish to Flickr. Now I have 20 photos (thumbnails) instead of 10. I've published the virtual copies to Flickr. Can I now get rid of the virtual copies, and will they disappear from the...
  11. SuzImages

    Info on Behance

    Is there a tutorial on how to use Behance?
  12. SuzImages

    Sending DNG files through Drop Box

    A friend wanted a set of RAW files to work on in her program, that being Iphoto on her Mac. I sent the RAW files via Drop Box that LR converted to DNG when I imported them. She said she can't open them. (Doesn't have LR). Is that the problem? Iphoto doesn't recognize the file format?
  13. SuzImages

    Size limit on Creative Cloud?

    Is there a limit to what you can store on the Creative Cloud site? Are you limited to "just so many" megabytes or gigabytes?
  14. SuzImages

    Keystroke to show where highlights/darks are in photo

    While viewing the histogram and having the highlights and darks turned on, there is a way to turn the whole photo black (or white) to show where the highlights and dark areas are in a photo for adjustments. Just joined this forum. Great stuff here!