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    Get Rid Of Preserved File Name

    I was going to suggest that you file a bug report, but you already have (three years ago):
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    Get Rid Of Preserved File Name

    That smiley emoji should be a colon followed by a P. (I don't know how to tell the forum to not turn off emojis.)
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    Get Rid Of Preserved File Name

    When creating a template in the Metadata Wrangler Plugin, add the field "XMP:PreservedFileName" to the field list in "Finally, Forcefully Delete These Fields". (I haven't tested this, but I'm reasonably confident this is the magic spell.)
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    Import How to change EXIF lens designation during inport.

    Unfortunately, LR doesn't let you change the lens information recorded in metadata (LR looks at both the industry standard EXIF fields and in MakerNotes). You could use the Lenstagger plugin after you import the photos if you really wanted to change the EXIF metadata. If you primarily use just...
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    Catalog on NAS?

    Some people have used symbolic links to place the previews and smart-previews subfolders in different locations than inside the catalog folder, e.g. Is it possible to move the file location for Lightroom Previews?
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    Catalog on NAS?

    I think the best you can do is to put the catalog folder on the virtual machine's drive and put the photos on the physical drive. But that's mildly inconvenient, since after exporting the catalog from your Mini, you'll have to separate the photos from the catalog.
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    Move Collection Set

    Windows LR does show a slightly thicker grey line where you can drop the dragged collection set (where Mac LR uses a blue line): It's a bad UI graphic element.
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    Possible to set keywords while in develop module?

    The Any Tag plugin lets you add and delete keywords in Develop. On my Mac, I've got it assigned to the shortcut Ctrl + T.
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    Develop module Accessing keywords while in DEVELOP

    The Any Tag plugin can add and remove keywords in Develop. I assign it Ctrl + T on my Mac, so it's very quick to invoke.
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    Stitching panoramas in LR vs. PS?

    I too often observe significant differences between LR and PS, in how they handle different projections, in the quality of the seams, and in vignette handling. Usually LR gives very good results, and I only use PS when LR doesn't.
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    Drag'n'Drop picture on map does not create GPS coordinates?

    A fair number of people have reported these symptoms in the past year:[settings][page]=2#topic-reply-list At least one person...
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    Search for unpublished or modified images in a Publish Service?

    The Any Source plugin's Publish Collections command finds all published collections with photos needing to be published or republished. You can quickly examine those collections and photos and select some or all to batch-republish. You can run publish multiple collections concurrently, to better...
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    Apply Metadata Changes to Stacked Images

    Also, the Syncomatic plugin will sync metadata among members of stacks.
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    “Fill edges” in Panorama

    When you initiate a batch merge, it uses the last settings you selected. So do a single merge with the Fill Edges option selected. Then a subsequent batch merge will use that option.
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    Numbered folders in "Lightroom" Folder

    Those folders contain files that control diagnostic logging by the corresponding versions of LR. Typically they're of use only to Adobe engineers troubleshooting issues. You can safely delete the folders for versions earlier than the version you're currently running (9.3). But there's really...
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    Autocomplete Suggestions not recognizing spaces

    Hmm, I observe the same misbehavior in my Windows LR 9.3 when typing face names, but not in my Mac LR 9.3. I also see it in Windows LR 6.14. So it appears the bug got fixed in the Keyword panel but not for entering face names. My only suggestion is to file a bug report in the official...
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    Autocomplete Suggestions not recognizing spaces

    Also, just in case you need a reminder about how to make screenshots: Help - How do I create a screenshot?
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    Autocomplete Suggestions not recognizing spaces

    That bug on Windows LR was fixed back in LR 4, I think. Maybe it's come back in some form. But I don't observe it -- here's what I see right after typing a space and then an "s": Before I suggest possible fixes, can you post similar screenshots of what you're seeing, to make sure we're on...
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    Import Random sequence of files after import

    People have complained about this behavior since it was introduced in LR 6: You could add your opinion to that feature request. Be sure to click Vote and Follow in the...
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    Catalogs Thunderbolt 3 Justified for Catalog on EXHD?

    In most uses, I think LR is constrained by the CPU, not disk bandwidth. For example, my Macbook Pro builds 1:1 previews at nearly the same speed for raws residing on an external portable USB-3 drive as on the internal SSD. Similarly, it exports raws to JPEGs at about at 1.25 photos/sec, or...
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    Catalog on NAS?

    The difference between GPUs and file servers, of course, is that a failing GPU is non-destructive of the catalog. While certifying popular NAS products makes eminent sense, I doubt that after all these years Adobe would do it. (I doubt whether the LR team has the requisite systems-engineering...
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    Catalog on NAS?

    That's good to know. As you've read, SQLite depends on file locking to operate correctly, and a multi-threaded program that accesses a database concurrently depends on correct locking. I believe that LR has multiple threads accessing the database concurrently, which is why Adobe engineer Dan...
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    Catalog on NAS?

    Excellent detail, thanks for sharing that. You say, "iSCSI doesn't support locking". If one client machine is accessing an iSCSI drive, and multiple processes on that single machine place OS locks on the same file, will those local locks work properly?
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    Map module on 4k monitor

    Looks like LR has long had problems with multiple displays with different font scaling: To add a reply to one of these bug reports...
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    Map module on 4k monitor

    Try disabling the GPU by setting the option Preferences > Performance > Use Graphics Processor to Off. Regardless of whether that helps, make sure you have the most recent graphics driver by going directly to the manufacturer's web site...