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    Changing default Photo Text size and Offset in Book Module

    I have a question about photo text in the Book Module. I added a title to all my photos for my book in the Library Module, so they appear beneath every photo. The default that is created is larger text than I want and is closer to the photo than I want (the offset). If I click and drag over the...
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    Open as layers in Photoshop with Smart Objects-is it possible?

    Last I checked a couple of years ago there was no way to Open as Layers with Smart Objects in Photoshop. Is it possible now?
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    I use a Mac Pro 2013 , OS 10.14.6. I have my LR Catalog on the boot drive. My photos live on an external drive connected to the boot drive. I set up a New User, but when I open LR it's an empty catalog. What is the best way to set up LR in the New User so that if I switch back and forth between...
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    Lr can't merge to panorama more than 4 or 5 photos

    I have the latest version of LR Classic CC. In the past I easily merged up to 10 photos, but now everytime I try to merge more than four photos it can't do it: I get a message like "4 out of 9 photos were unable to be merged". I take the shots on a tripod and swivel the ball head, no fancy...
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    How to stop LR from putting imported photosen into a dated folder?

    When I import photos from an SD card in my card reader (using Copy photos to a new location and add to catalog) and choose to make a second copy to a folder in an external drive, LR creates a new subfolder in the external drive folder titled : "Imported on...X". Is there a way to stop it from...
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    Importing a new catalog and photos, or moving photos and syncing?

    I've agreed to help a friend who is a LR newbie clean up his mess: he has a new iMac, and he has photos spread out over two or three small external hard drives along with at least two or three different LR catalogs. He has bought a new larger external drive and would like to consolidate all his...
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    Standard Previews are disappearing

    I have the latest version of LR Classic on my Mac Pro 2013, also latest OS. The catalogue and associated files are all in the same folder on this boot drive, my photos are on an external drive connected by USB 3.0. My problem is this: I have made Standard sized previews of all of my 60,000...
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    I choose a photo in Book Module and go to Develop module and it chooses a different photo

    I am making a book with Blurb in the Book module. I am trying to edit some of the photos. If I choose a photo in the Book Module, when I go to the Develop Module, a different photo is chosen. In other words, it's not tracking photos when switching from Book Module to Develop Module. I've tried...
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    Sychronizing question

    Operating System: Mac 10.13.3 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] I have 70,000 photos in my LR catalogue. Recently I attempted to synch the folder (containing them all) and got this pop up: It took a long time to run through its...
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    Uninstalling LR and reinstalling it solved print sizing proble

    Operating System:Mac OS 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Most recent Classic I recently posted a problem I was having: out of the blue, printing with my Epson 3880 and LR Classic would not produce the size prints I was inputting. The bottom 1/4 would be cut off, or the...
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    Epson 3880 Prints suddenly coming out wrong size

    Operating System:Mac OS 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] I have been successfully printing for years with my Epson 3880 and LR, but now am having a new problem: it's printing smaller prints than I tell it to. The same photo...
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    Does LR Classic slow down with almost full SSD drives?

    Operating System:10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] Mac Pro 2013 I've read that with old fashioned "platter" style hard drives, as the disk fills LR will slow down. Does this also apply to SSD drives?
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    Text boxes in Book Module very finicky

    Operating System:Mac OS 10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Most recent, Lightroom Classic I'm creating a book and am having lots of problems with creating text. If I choose a 1 photo template with an adjoining text box, most often I can't start typing. Nothing happens...
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    Options for saving files over 4 gB

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):lightoom Classic, Mac OS 13.1 It seems that the two options for saving files from Photoshop that are over 4 GB are a compressed Tiff or a PSb that requires a multistep workaround to show up in LR. What are the disadvantages of...
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    Delete from disk...where do they go (not in trash) Mac

    Operating System:Mac 10.12.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic 7.0 Simple question. When you choose Remove/Delete from disk, where do the photos go? They are not in the trash. Does Lightroom somehow manage to move them to the trash and empty the trash all in...
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    Since update clicking Media Type does nothing

    Operating System: Mac OS 10.2.6 Exact Lightroom Version : Lightroom Classic 7.0 Since updating, I can't use the Print module on my Epson 3880. Nothing happens when I click on Media Type under Print Settings. I have reset preferences and that did not fix the problem. I've attached a screen...
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    Save as tif in Photoshop not visible in LR after folder that contains it synced

    When done editing a photo in Photoshop, I use "Save as" to save and place it in a particular folder. After syncing that folder, I can view the photo in LR if it is a PSD, but if I save the same photo as a tif it is not visible in LR. The saved tifs do get placed in the desired folder, but they...
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    Standard Previews disappear after turning off external drive

    My Lightroom software (the most recent LR version) is running off my boot drive, a MacPro 2013 (OS 10.12.5) but my photos live on a LaCie external drive. Recently I had to turn off the external drive, and when I turned it back on the Standard Previews for 70,000 photos were gone and I had to re...
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    Print Module problem loading paper

    I am using Lightroom CC 2015 most recent version, Mac OS 10.2.5, and an Epson 3880 printer and have been having problems loading paper. In Page Setup/Paper size there is not an option for using the Auto Sheet feeder, paper size Super A3, not borderless...
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    Has Photomerge/HDR changed recently?

    It's been awhile since I used this function and recently have created several HDR images. When opening all of them in the DNG file that the command produces, I noticed that there are no changes in any of the sliders in Camera RAW. It used to be that almost every slider had some changes and that...
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    Batch rotate photos has stopped working

    I have the most recent update of Lightroom cc 2015 and batch rotate (Rotate Left CCW) photos in Library mode has stopped working. I tried resetting preferences and the first batch worked properly but after that it reverted to only rotating the first photo in the batch selected. I uninstalled...
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    Photoshop opens twice in Lightroom

    I am using most recent updates of Photoshop and Lightroom on a Mac Pro 2013 using OS 10.9.5. My workflow is to open Lightroom, import photos, do some editing in Lightroom, then finishing editing in Photoshop. Occasionally I will be working in Lightroom and do something that automatically shifts...
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    Saved a partially complete Book, can't access new photos to continue work

    I did some work on a new book and saved it and closed Lightroom (most recent version) and backed up the catalogue. Upon restarting and going to the Book to continue work, at the bottom of the screen where the horizontal film strip of photos to choose from is, only the photos that I used in the...
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    Photo/Edit In/ Photoshop doesn't switch screen to Photoshop anymore (it used to)

    Usually when I choose to edit a photo in Photoshop, the screen would switch from Lightroom to Photoshop. It has stopped doing that and I can't get it to do it again. I have trashed preferences in both applications. I'm using the most recent versions of both on a Mac OS 10.9.5
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    "Open as Smart Object in Photoshop": how to get photo to open and fill the screen

    I often use Lightroom to open photos as Smart Objects in Photoshop CC. The photo never fills the screen and I then have to double click the hand icon to have the photo fill the screen. Is there a way to have the photo automatically fill my screen when it opens?