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    Help with my iMac setup and moving to a bigger one

    As you know, SSD drives are very expensive, especially Thunderbolt 3 ones. How "large" is large for you? I have 6 TB of photos, so an SSD is not a reasonable option. I keep my photos on an external spinning HD connect via USB 3, and backup to another spinning HD and to Backblaze.. The lightroom...
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    Changing default Photo Text size and Offset in Book Module

    Thank you, that takes care of the Photo Text size. I also want to change the Offset in Text/Photo Text so that it will apply to all the photos in the Auto Layout. How can I add that as a default?
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    Changing default Photo Text size and Offset in Book Module

    I have a question about photo text in the Book Module. I added a title to all my photos for my book in the Library Module, so they appear beneath every photo. The default that is created is larger text than I want and is closer to the photo than I want (the offset). If I click and drag over the...
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    Open as layers in Photoshop with Smart Objects-is it possible?

    Last I checked a couple of years ago there was no way to Open as Layers with Smart Objects in Photoshop. Is it possible now?
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    That solved the problem! Thank you so much. You deserve your title of "Guru".
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    It is a 12 TB 3.5 inch spinning drive, not a Time Machine.
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    Well it's really not germane to my question, but I have no secrets. I use Lightroom and Photoshop CC 2020, both the latest versions, on a Mac with OS 10;14;6. The Lightroom Catalog is on my boot drive in a Shared Folder, and my photos are on an external drive. Photoshop CC 2020 started acting...
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    Yes I had moved the preview folder but I had neglected to fiddle with permissions. After doing so, on the New User Lightroom opens just fine with all the thumbnails showing photos. However, when I try Photo/Edit in/Edit in Photoshop CC 2020 I get this message: My photos are in an external...
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    OK, I put the LR catalog and the two data files into the Shared Folder and my LR catalog now opens in the New User. However, in Library mode the thumbnails don't show the photo, it's greyed out. The file info is present below the photo. If you double click on the thumbnail it opens up the large...
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    The User catalog is not visible to the New User, only the LR app. Same with Photoshop.
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    Yes, I tried that. But in the New User Lightroom opens as an empty catalog.
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    I use a Mac Pro 2013 , OS 10.14.6. I have my LR Catalog on the boot drive. My photos live on an external drive connected to the boot drive. I set up a New User, but when I open LR it's an empty catalog. What is the best way to set up LR in the New User so that if I switch back and forth between...
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    Lr can't merge to panorama more than 4 or 5 photos

    I have the latest version of LR Classic CC. In the past I easily merged up to 10 photos, but now everytime I try to merge more than four photos it can't do it: I get a message like "4 out of 9 photos were unable to be merged". I take the shots on a tripod and swivel the ball head, no fancy...
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    How to stop LR from putting imported photosen into a dated folder?

    When I import photos from an SD card in my card reader (using Copy photos to a new location and add to catalog) and choose to make a second copy to a folder in an external drive, LR creates a new subfolder in the external drive folder titled : "Imported on...X". Is there a way to stop it from...
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    Importing a new catalog and photos, or moving photos and syncing?

    I've agreed to help a friend who is a LR newbie clean up his mess: he has a new iMac, and he has photos spread out over two or three small external hard drives along with at least two or three different LR catalogs. He has bought a new larger external drive and would like to consolidate all his...
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    Standard Previews are disappearing

    As part of the move of photos I got rid of old LR backup files and I think I threw away my data files as well. Can't be sure...another senior moment.
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    Standard Previews are disappearing

    I'm not using Dropbox or syncing my catalog between two computers. I am backing up the LR catalog on two external drives, one with Time Machine and one via the LR software.
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    Standard Previews are disappearing

    Forgot to mention, after my last go around creating Standard Previews for all of my photos, the lr.dat file was 90 GB (checked on Time Machine). This morning when I looked to was 8GB. So, my question is: where did all those previews go and why?
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    Standard Previews are disappearing

    When I click on the photo to open it in Standard size, there is a few second delay just like when there is no pre-existing standard preview. More telling, when I ask LR to create Standard Previews for all my photos, it begins the process and takes at least 12 hours ( I went to bed), in spite of...
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    Import Import button and file thumbnails grayed out in import dialog

    Perhaps you have "Do not import duplicates" checked. Try unchecking it and then see if LR will import them.
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    Develop module Performance after extended use . . .

    Yes, I have experienced the same problem. I think Adobe programmed it this way because too many partners of LR users disappear for too many hours and have complained.
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    Standard Previews are disappearing

    I have the latest version of LR Classic on my Mac Pro 2013, also latest OS. The catalogue and associated files are all in the same folder on this boot drive, my photos are on an external drive connected by USB 3.0. My problem is this: I have made Standard sized previews of all of my 60,000...
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    I choose a photo in Book Module and go to Develop module and it chooses a different photo

    I am making a book with Blurb in the Book module. I am trying to edit some of the photos. If I choose a photo in the Book Module, when I go to the Develop Module, a different photo is chosen. In other words, it's not tracking photos when switching from Book Module to Develop Module. I've tried...
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    Catalog Merge appears to be hung

    For some reason LR often gets buggy for me, then I reset preferences and the problem goes away. On several occasions that has not worked and I have deleted LR and reinstalled it and that solved the problem.