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  1. DonRicklin

    Nikon D6100 Tethered Import in Tiff

    Hey, gang, long time no posts from me here. Been busy in my day job... Hope you are all well. Seems I have come back to a major change in the forum software. :D I am asking for my boss. She runs a Museum Collections processing room where she has volunteers shoot a tethered Nikon D6100 to have...
  2. DonRicklin

    Upgrading to Moutain Lion

    I'm still running 10.6.8 Thinking of jumping to 10.8.0. Is it easy to step back if I have problems? Running Time Machine just before upgrading from the Apple Store. Read of some of the horror stories. Im on a: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,1 Processor...
  3. DonRicklin

    Upgrading my MBP 15"

    Currently I have: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 3 MB Memory: 8 GB Hitachi HHD Capacity: 500.11 GB...
  4. DonRicklin

    New Lightroom’s built-in SmugMug uploader

    SmugMug has updated the provided SmugMug plugin uploader. As noted on their Blog. This is an alternative to Jeffrey Friedl's SmugMug Plugin. Don
  5. DonRicklin

    Insert Image problems

    With both Quick Reply and Advanced when I try to Insert an image using a URL reference nothing gets inserted and I lose the Text Insertion point and cannot further edit the post. I can Submit what has been done up to that point, but otherwise have to copy and cancel and start over again, sans...
  6. DonRicklin

    Wacom Tablet driver help!!!

    I recently got a Mac Mini to replace our G5 Mac Desktop. Now we can run Snow Leopard and take advantage of a lot of new stuff. I figure this would help my Wife! NOT :icon_exclaim: I installed the newest drive for our 6x9 Intuos 3 Wacom Tablet. It works fine at the Login and in My User Space...
  7. DonRicklin

    MOVED: Lightroom Beta 3 - After importing images LB3 alters the files - help

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  8. DonRicklin

    Camera Raw 5.7 and Lightroom 2.7 RC's are now available

    Tom Hogarty of Adobe made the announcement at Lightroom Journal not long ago. Don
  9. DonRicklin

    MOVED: Intel Celeron T3100 & Lightroom

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  10. DonRicklin

    Bluetooth Ear piece headset for iPod Tough (3G)

    I recently got a 32GB iPod Touch (3G) which, as you may know, has Bluetooth on it, like the iPhone. I got a Plantronics® Explorer 36' to use with it. INly it does connect to my MPR 15", which I have no use for, but the Touch doesn’t see it. Does any one know or an in expensive brand ($25 - 35...
  11. DonRicklin

    Happy New Year, Goodbye decade of the Oughts!

    Looking forward to the 'Eens', i.e. tweens followed by teens! :D Snowing here, at the moment with snow predicted for the next three days! :'( Hope all are well (I'm over my cold! :) )! See you in the new decade! Don
  12. DonRicklin

    LR 2.6 GM is out, with 5.6 ACR.

    Adobe has release the Gold Master final of Lightroom 2.6 see the Lightroom Journal for details. Don
  13. DonRicklin

    MOVED: Luminance control slider.

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  14. DonRicklin

    MOVED: Easy for you?

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  15. DonRicklin

    MOVED: Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Sedona galleries

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  16. DonRicklin

    New MapiMailer Export Plugin!

    Read this at Lightroom News. Steve Sutherland has announce he has created n LR Plugin for Windows Users: Don
  17. DonRicklin

    MOVED: PhotoshopWorld in Las Vegas

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  18. DonRicklin

    MOVED: It's Quiet Tonight

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  19. DonRicklin

    Little problems with LR 2 and OS X10.5

    Welcome. First try deleting the .plist preference file and see if that helps. Reinstalling should not effect any settings. They are held in external files, like the catalog. Don
  20. DonRicklin

    SD Card image recovery????!!!!

    I just did a stupid thing. Though I bet there might be some 'BTDTs' from others when I explain! I just shot a bunch of images. They numbered out on the SD card at -IM9999.pef in one folder then a few (maybe 5) were in a spanking new folder starting at _im1'''.pef to...... I downloaded from...
  21. DonRicklin

    Shutterfly Upload export plug-in

    From the Photoshop Lightroom User to User forum DCMcKee has this post: Don
  22. DonRicklin

    Pointing the way!

    Our own Rob Sylvan pointing the way at Photoshop World Boston today. We're having great fun! Don
  23. DonRicklin

    Guitar amp storefront

    Victoria, Your town in MAKE: Magazine! Guitar amp storefront Awesome! Don
  24. DonRicklin

    PhotoshopUser Magazine - March 2009

    Well, I just got my copy of this NAPP publication and read an excellent article in it by Our own LR Queen, Supper Moderator, Victoria Bampton on DNG or Not that is the question. Good going, Victoria! There is also Rob Sylvan's regular Under the Loupe contribution to the mag. This time Adding...
  25. DonRicklin

    New way to repproduce your images!

    from Brother! :shock: Pricey, but maybe the new wave? :cheesy: Don