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    batch file rename with character search

    I would like to do some renaming of multiple files along the lines of what you'd do in a small program script. e.g. if the character string "xy" is in the file name of the selected photos, I want to replace it with nothing ("") Thanks
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    Spell Check entire Catalog

    Is there a way to do this for everything? Mac High Sierra LR6
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    LR changing capture date on some photos

    some of my photos from years ago have had the capture date changed somehow by LR6 - I certainly didn't do it
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    How can I find missing files inside a single folder?

    LR lost track of > 250 files (NO - I didn't move or delete them in the OS) for some reason. I am trying to find the most efficient way to recover them from backups, or find them if still on the disk.
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    2 operations in progress reported but they never finish

    LR6 is putting up a warning "2 operations in progress" but it has been that way for hours and they never finish I can do an import while this is posted but dunno what is going on - at least the pgrom is not completely hung...
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    Compare images in different folders?

    Is there an easy way to do this? I can't seem to compare images that are in different folders (unless I give them a similar name then run a database search on the text field in All Photos). Looking for a less cumbersome way to do it. Thx
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    Rename photo keyboard shortcut on a mac

    I am in the Library module, on a mac, and the keyboard shortcut for Rename photo does not work. MACOS has pre-empted F2 key for screen brightness. Adobe has a nice table posted that is incorrect...
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    Save Import Source Folder

    Is there a way to set a particular folder on my HDD as the default to Import from (as the source, not the import to folder)? I always use this folder to import from no matter what. Thanks
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    save preview?

    I have a file that is deleted (no master), but still have the preview showing. Is there a way to save the preview (as a .jpg)? I'd like to Email it to someone else. Thanks.
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    "Lightroom catalog not found" Error all of a sudden - on a mac

    I closed LR6 a day or so ago (just to periodically let it backup & clean, etc.). Today, when I tried to open LR6 I got the catalog not found error for some reason. I am using an iMac I know not to move/delete/eff with the catalog and did not do so (myself). Nor is it in the trash. (I did...
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    Tone Curves - Beyond the Basic Panel

    I am learning LR6 and have reached the point where I "automatically" adjust the high & low points on the tones in the photo with the Basic Panel. But I am confused about what to do to mid-range tones using the next panel down: "Tone Curve" - I understand how ot move the curve but don't have a...
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    LR6 does not recognize Olympus camera (a Point & Shoot)

    in fact, no Olympus cameras are recognized - mine is an Olympus Stylus S7040 I know the info is in the EXIF as the Mac Finder can search on it and pop up a few dozen .jpgs I recognize that lens corrections might be automated or in the file, but I am searching on all old and P&S cameras I've...
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    Is there a quick way to show folder of photo?

    While browsing or searching by using the metadata picks, is there a quick way to show the folder a photo is contained in? I don't really want to Go to Folder.
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    Added Lens Profiles Not Found by LR

    I have some older manual Nikon lenses (AiS, and earlier) and since LR6 doesn't support them, I found lcp files for the lens profiles at: Download lens profiles - Photographs, Photographers and Photography These are zipped, but unzip directly to lcp files. I copied the lcp files to: Macintosh...
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    Pet Eye not working in LR6

    The Pet Eye tool in LR6 is working only very rarely for me (LR6). Like everyone else, I am trying to remove the reflection from the tapetum. I am not sure what the problem is. This is on a Golden Retriever, not a cat or some disfavored dog breed ;] Any tips ??
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    Will LR6 support raw files from new Panasonic cameras??

    I have LR 6 and since they are not updating it anymore and trying to force us into a perpetual license, I am wondering if I will be able to directly import files from future cameras? or will I be stuck using DNG Converter?
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    Common lens Model not found - Nikon Ai 35 mm

    I set the Lens Correction field Make to Nikon but it does not seem to list the famed & fast 35mm Ai lens on there. Any ideas?
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    focal length search

    I'd like to find all photos with an equivalent focal length - i.e. 20 mm on my Full frame cameras, 10 on m43 bodies, etc. I could not find a way to do this in LR on by searching here (except for a LR2 question on absolute focal length). Thanks!
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    Set a Std. Folder for importing that LR6 will "remember"??

    I keep having to drill down thru the entire subdir structure from the Unix root on my iMac each time I Import Is there a way for LR^ to have a location it remembers from one session to the next? I don't see anything in the prefs. This is happening whenever an iPhone is connected for...
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    How can I copy GPS from iphone photos and paste into (higher res. photos) in LR6?

    There is no tracklog and the map is down on Adobe's web site. I'd also like to be able to do this when not in the cloud. Thx
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    "moving files" warning when I try to quit LR6

    This has been going on for 2 days now... LR6 claims it is moving files when I try to Quit. Of course, I cannot backup the Catalog unless I Quit... What should I do? Do I just quit it anyway and try to repair whatever damage it does later somehow? Or is there some sort of clean up command to...
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    duplicate copies shown in grid view of lr6

    Grid view is showing me different copies of a photo for some reason. When I delete one, it also deletes the other copy which I do NOT want. Soft proofing if off, tho I thought it only applied in Dev mode... How do I get rid of this confusing display? Thx
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    lightroom 6 can't see or import some files

    LR 6 seems unaware of some files in a folder I use to import from (iMac - High Sierra). Yet, it will import other files in that folder, even if they are moved there after the 'hidden' files. Nothing wrong with the files either, as far as other programs are concerned. Seems crazy...
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    When not to remove chromatic aberration ??

    I s there any condition under which I would NOT want to use the Lens profiles to remove CA? i.e. does removal involve any distortions or noise, etc.? I have about 5,000 photos in the catalog so far, from a variety of cameras Nikon D610 using the 24-85, an old screwdrive 300mm, various DX...
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    Imported photos missing ??

    I cannot find photos I (thought I had imported). They are missing from the folder they WERE in. The Find cmd is not finding the meta data tag I just added AND LR is claiming there was no Import either. I keep everything in a single Catalog.