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    RAW image color change when viewed

    Hi, The "vivid" image you briefly see, is the preview embedded in the raw file. The preview is representative of what you would get if you shot jpeg. The camera applies it's own processing to the image to make it look good (at least as per how the camera maker thought it should look)...
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    Lightroom s/w and all photos deleted.

    Hello, Is this a home pc, or an office computer managed by your IT organization? In the case of the latter, I've encountered organizations where they remove anything that they didn't install for you.
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    Can LR5 be set to delete image files from my SD cards after import?

    ^^ What Hal said. further, Cleaning the card by formatting in the camera, allows the format to (on a number of cameras) map out any defective spots on the card. Also, there have been a few cases where the card just doesn't work as well when deleting files/formatting from the computer rather...
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    Printed 11x14 pixelated.

    ps: To crop it, you first go to the develop module where you can crop it. Then you go to the export or print modules.
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    Windows 10

    Nope... it will upgrade to w10/32. Once you've updated to 32 bit, you can download and re-install to 64 bit if you want. Once you "upgrade" to 10, you can (from the same hardware) do a clean re-install and it will activate without asking for a key.
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    how to open an older catalog?

    Hello, If you can find your catalog in the explorer, (the xxxx.lrcat file), then simply double click on it, LR will open with that catalog.
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    Exporting with Mogrify2

    With the zip version, you can unpack it anywhere you like. So put it somewhere other than in program files... The problem you are having (which is why i used the zip version and placed it on my D drive) is that you need to run the installer as an administrator to get it to park the...
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    Exporting with Mogrify2

    Great to hear you are up and running with that rather fine export tool.
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    Exporting with Mogrify2

    The log file indicates that it's looking for a dll inside of the modules\coders folder. And by the looks of things, you don't have a coders folder in there. I would suggest you go to the LR2/mogrify site ( http://www.photographers-toolbox.com...hp?sec=install ) and follow the link to install...
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    Exporting with Mogrify2

    Ok, so that leads to the next question... can you navigate to that folder two folders down under the imagemagick folder, and let us see what you see. We need to see if the dll files are actually present, or, if they are missing.
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    Exporting with Mogrify2

    in your export dialog, can you show us the mogrify configuration section please?
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    .. Should I buy LR5 or wait for LR6 ?

    On the plus side for windows users, given they are dropping 32 bit support, our downloads will finally be half their size, and comparable to the download size for our Mac friends.
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    LR5 Mac VS Win — OMG!

    For me, that 10 to 15 seconds did include the optimize, test integrity and what not. I run it weekly.
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    Exporting with Mogrify2

    In that screen dump above, you are still showing what is on your desktop. Left click on the folder in the left side of the screen, then we can see what you have in there. Just expanding it, doesn't actually show what is in the folder. d.
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    LR5 Mac VS Win — OMG!

    Admittedly, mine only has 10,000 pictures, but it takes between 10 and 15 seconds on my box (ssd for os/lr, spinning disk for the backups). So, there is a pretty big range of how long this takes depending on your catalog and hardware.
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    Exporting with Mogrify2

    Hello, As part of the installation instructions, ( http://www.photographers-toolbox.com/products/lrmogrify2.php?sec=install ), in step 1 you were to have downloaded and installed ImageMagick. What it is looking for, is where you installed that application. Click choose, and navigate to...
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    In a pickle with multiple external hard drives

    Hello, For external drives, I set the drive letter to something in the R to Z range. Unless you have enough of them that two would have the same drive letter, and be plugged in at the same time, they generally won't change drive letters after you manually set them. The setting is done...
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    Upgrading LR4.4 to LR5.7.

    In English that translates roughly to Hello!, How to update LR3.6 to 5.7... d.
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    Lightroom 5.71 crashing after upgrade

    Hello, Try clicking the "Choose a Different Catalog" button. In the ensuing dialog box, navigate to where you have your catalog. When you find it, choose it and see what happens. Dave.
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    XMP files

    Hello, If you have configure Automatically write changes to XMP, then they will appear next to the original Raw. I believe it's always been that way (at least as long as I remember). Do keep in mind that Lightroom stores all of the details for a photo (develop changes, keywords, metadata...
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    My Organizational Nightmare

    Try to let these guys guide you into using LR as it was intended (there is no better bunch of knowledgeable people anywhere)... Once they get you going, the light will suddenly go on! And then, you will be blocked no more.
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    Lrcat not being modified

    Excellent explanation Jim. I'm happy you got to it before I did, as my answer would not have been as good.
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    Lrcat not being modified

    Hi there... At some point, I suspect you accidentally opened the backup rather than the original catalog (the backup, is nothing but another copy of the catalog, and is in itself, a catalog). Now, to return to the proper catalog, merely locate it (I suspect you already have found it)...
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    Export the edited and the "original"

    You could (if it's just a matter of being able to see before and after), create a virtual copy before you do the development work. The VC would show the edits, and the regular one not (or the other way around).
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    Learning to Read and Use Histograms

    A very nice technical explanation of what I was attempting to portray in simpler terms. :nod: