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  1. Ferguson

    Lightroom not recognizing files

    Getting to one catalog is something you can do, and there's lots of help here for it, but it probably deserves its own thread but more importantly some research. If you need help on the subject I would start with some basics; share with use this info when asking: - Is everything LR Classic...
  2. Ferguson

    83MB size photos in LTR6.14?

    You must be really young. As I age I find myself more, not less, impatient with wasting the time I have left. ;)
  3. Ferguson

    Lightroom not recognizing files

    We may have a terminology issue. If it is already in the catalog, you can go to the image in LR and click on it and do things. If it is not already in the catalog, you can from within lightroom import a folder(s), and I guess you could click on it in the import dialog to tell it to import...
  4. Ferguson

    Behavior of Catalog's metadata settings appears inconsistent (JPG and PNG files)

    I have never tested it, but I have been told a few times over the years that this process occurs in background more or less "whenever LR gets around to it". Thus large changes, the theory goes, may not be immediately visible. Again, I cannot confirm. I have also been told frequently by those...
  5. Ferguson

    Lightroom not recognizing files

    Are you saying you copied them outside of lightroom? In which case Lightroom doesn't know about them. And if you try to import them (or synchronize to do an import) it may not import if you have the skip-duplicates set if they are actual copies. Maybe I'm mis-reading your question in terms...
  6. Ferguson

    83MB size photos in LTR6.14?

    I've got a Sony A7Riv and have no problems in LR 9. Uncompressed they are about 120MB. I don't recall (but maybe there was, as it was LONG ago) any changes along the way to 9.2.1 specifically for larger regular images. I also think you should be fine. Note there have been a lot of...
  7. Ferguson

    filter virtual copies and its master.

    Unfortunately the "master" there is not distinguished from "only". So it shows all images that are not copies. If I understand what you want, I don't think you can do it except individually (find all copies, then use them individually to go find the master), at least with vanilla lightroom...
  8. Ferguson

    Yes another question about external back ups!!! Use TM, RAID, still don't get it.

    OK, if we are telling stories... Burbank News Agency had a new Vax system with a couple hundred megabytes (yes, megabytes) of storage, and backed up on mag tape. They dutifully had Iron Mountain (I think it was) come pick them up and store them off-site every day, in a carefully orchestrated...
  9. Ferguson

    What's in a DNG file?

    Thanks for finding that, I was looking and could not at least quickly (while I was also cooking breakfast). That's one reason I did not get excited about it. To me the DNG should be checked on read, and re-computed on write, and include everything in the file except the checksum. Or have one...
  10. Ferguson

    Yes another question about external back ups!!! Use TM, RAID, still don't get it.

    Absolutely, getting something that is well supported and documented is a key. There is a LOT of junk out there in the SOHO market just aiming at a price point. If you lump driver issues, user error and other causes of failure in with controller failure I'd bet heavily that drive failure is not...
  11. Ferguson

    What's in a DNG file?

    This was a terrific addition DNG brought. but my understanding is it covers only the image data not the metadata, is that correct?
  12. Ferguson

    Is there an order to steps (esp during image restoration)

    @johnbeardy my experience is long but shallow. LR has kept up with my needs mostly, and I spend less and less time in PS over the years. I understand smart filters generally, and the concepts, and get the idea of non-destructive, but that's not really my question. Unless I'm mistaken, layers...
  13. Ferguson

    Classic ignores sidecars when importing from networked drive?

    There are also differences in how LR treats camera cards and how it treats disk drive imports. I am not saying it treats XMP differently, just that the whole process is different, so the issue may (or may not) be sensitive to exactly how the NAS drive was mounted (mount point, share name...
  14. Ferguson

    Help with new internal hard drive.

    Or wait for Backblaze to restore the catalog, if you had it backing up. Depends on whether your last catalog backup on the EHD was current or if the Backblaze backup is more current. You want to get the most recent if they differ by any significant amount. Did you use presets, profiles, etc...
  15. Ferguson

    Is there an order to steps (esp during image restoration)

    I'm digitizing old prints and negatives, and often dropping into photoshop to clean up issues. In particular in photoshop I am erasing dust, adjusting levels and trying to restore colors. I also sharpen (whether because of the scanning process introduced blur or the original print). Often the...
  16. Ferguson

    Yes another question about external back ups!!! Use TM, RAID, still don't get it.

    OK, that last reply got too long, but even so I want to add a few things that are more specific: Raid 1 (mirroring) makes it more likely to be able to move your raid set to a new computer or raid controller or newer version of the raid controller without issue. Other flavors of raid are less...
  17. Ferguson

    Yes another question about external back ups!!! Use TM, RAID, still don't get it.

    Another consideration for Raid is the level of technical ability of the user. Companies package raid up and make it easy to use and install, and many descriptions make it all sound very simple and standardized, but it is not. Here's the issue to be mindful of- in terms of reliability, raid...
  18. Ferguson

    face recognition in LR classic

    Lightroom identifies the face region only once. When you have an unconfirmed entry that shows a tentative name (ending in ?) you can do one of Several things: - Click the check mark to accept/confirm - Type a new name in the box which accepts it - Click the "no" symbol (line/circle) to remove...
  19. Ferguson

    Lightroom with 2 computers (1 full use, 1 culling)?

    There's an ominous tone to the end of that which I think needs to be noted. I think many of us expect that over years Classic will wither on the vine and Cloudy will be the successor. But I think almost all of those also think that is years and years away. Adobe still invests in Classic. A...
  20. Ferguson

    to see if I took a photo in manual focus or auto

    If a non-lightroom version is of interest, try this site: Downloads – It's in German but the program is pretty self explanatory and google will translate the pages. It doesn't tell you what it is for, but the first one on the page provides a browser for Sony cameras of...
  21. Ferguson

    Lightroom with 2 computers (1 full use, 1 culling)?

    Is her work on existing images or is her culling and organization only as they come into lightroom? I ask because a lot of people front-end lightroom with Photo Mechanic. It's much faster for culling and initial review than Lightroom, it can code all metadata and lightroom will read it...
  22. Ferguson

    Face Detection Questions ("Find Faces Again...", Starting Face Detection from scratch, etc.)

    I've been digitizing old images lately and a big priority has been to do face recognition. Some suggestions: Turn off the mass, do-everything opton (top left corner, pause it). Do one folder or collection or related subject at a time. Just get the images shown in grid view, then click on...
  23. Ferguson

    Avoid overwrite Lightroom Classic v 6

    One thing to keep in mind while trying the newer version -- don't do folder or image renames or moves, as these affect the actual image files, but will not be reflected in the LR 6 catalog, so they will look lost when you go back and you will have to locate/sync/something to get them back...
  24. Ferguson

    Separate "removed" photos from Lr catalog folder

    It's important to note that if you do this, you either need to immediately delete them, or move them into some permanent collection, as this previous import collection goes away on the next import of any type. Definitely this is the simplest and quickest way to do what you want. Also, be...
  25. Ferguson

    Custom filter on images shot within a few seconds of each other?

    So I know you said no stacks, but you could use the auto-stack then use any-filter to find all that are in a stack, and if you don't want the stack after you do whatever you wanted to the group in the stack, then unstack them all?