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    Scan direct into Lightroom CC

    I have set up a watched folder in Documents called Incoming scans set the destination folder called scanned so it should when I import the scans into Lightroom have all the file details and everything should be fine. However when I scan the slides they go into documents but not into the...
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    I have been scanning slides and negatives both colour and Black and White importing them into Lightroom through documents never had any problems but now I get a message box saying all the files you have selected are missing and can't be moved. All the slides and negs that are in Lightroom which...
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    Cannot move scanned photos into Lightroom

    Hi I have just purchased a Canoscan 9000F MKII and have tested it out for Colour & B&W negatives 120&35 mm slides and B&W and colour prints it works perfectly my problem is importing them into Lightroom when I scan anything it goes into documents and I can preview them OK but when in Lightroom I...
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    Can’t find name in keyword

    I have Lightroom CC, I have been using face recognition to identify people, it recognised a person who I had 66 photos of, but they were not in the keyword list so I did a search and up they came but the entire list disappeared, so I exited Lightroom then reopened it and the entire list was...
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    Cannot remove photos from iPad/iPhone

    I have Lightroom Classic CC when I first started to sync some photos I synced all 8000 odd photos from 2017, then I started to put photos into collections and sync them. So I deleted both Lightroom apps from my iPhone and iPad and started afresh. But when I synced the collections on everything...