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    Lightroom making the screen flicker on my desktop

    Hi, I’m pulling my hair out with my computer using LR CC subscription at the moment. Only Lightroom and Bridge are a problem. Probably my GPU isn’t up to the job? NVidia Quatro 600. When I’m using LR the screen starts flashing wildly. I can stop it sometimes by CTR + ALT + delete opening the...
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    How to Overwrite Settings to a Group of Images not individually

    Operating System:Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version Classic 7.0.1 Hi everyone, my data drive died very suddenly in June - it got slower and wouldn't allow me to copy all my Lightroom photo folders before it collapsed. It was 2T and 2 years old I back up LR almost every time I use it and have 3...
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    When attempting to open my LR catalog I get this message Lr_2017.lrcat:Error database disk image is malformed: SQL: SELECT * FROM Adobe_variablesTable. I have a recent backup which i restored by copying my backup and renaming it to another drive. When I clicked on the catalog it opened. When I...
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    Data usage with Lightroom Mobile

    Hi, I live in rural Australia and our only internet options are mobile broadband at $100 for 15 G, I run two PC'S and a laptop on Win 10 and an iPad so our data is precious. I have the laptop and 1 PC set as metered in win 10 Can you tell me if LR mobile keeps syncing in the background. I have...
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    Duplicate files

    I now use an import preset renaming the files YYYYMMDD-suffix. Will the images then show up as duplicates when I import later images from the card? I don't delete the images from the card until it's almost full. Thanks in advance I use lightroom cc and win 10. Can't change my profile on this...
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    History information missing from Develop Module

    Hi everyone, its been a long time since I've posted anything, I thought of this forum when trying to work out whats going wrong in my Develop Module in my laptop. The laptop is win 8 64 bit running the little add on program to get it back to win 7 workspace. Its only a few months old, good and...
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    Renaming images edited in Photoshop

    Hi, I'm getting myself in a mess and cluttering up my drive with multiple copies because I don't have a consistent renaming convention. I've just been using the default file name-edited.psd from lightroom. Then making a copy to flatten. Any suggestions ? Thanks, Mary
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    Moving LR Data base to EHD

    Hi everyone, :) I need to move my LR database to my EHD. My laptop needs to be reloaded I'm told. Lots of issues. I have my 2012 photos on the EHD and the older photos on the laptop. Moving those photos isn't a problem but I'm not sure what needs to be copied from the LR folder in My Pics on the...