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    Printing Custom Paper size refuses to rotate?

    I have set up a custom photo size in my Epson print dialog for 13w x 9h I select it in LR and make all adjustments, print job looks correct in LR When I go to print it is printing in portrait mode even though I have selected landscape and appears in landscape in LR Print module. I tried...
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    LR wants to import ALL iphoto's?

    For awhile I had been using dropboxes image capture to gather my iphone photos and then once there was enough to worry about I would import them into LR. I stopped using the dropbox capture because they had a glitch (which has been resolved), but now if I plug my iphone into LR it wants to...
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    Strange Import "black stripe"

    Very strange thing happening after import. My usual import flow is to use dropbox's image capture to store photos from my phone and my SLR into a folder. Then once a week or so I import this folder into LR. I have been doing this for more than a year without any issues. Since the last big...
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    Problem with file, cannot edit?

    The other day I did a clone of my external HD photo library. After that I was seeing every thumbnail photo in the my library had a black question mark in the corner. If I clicked on the question mark it said something like, "You will not be able to edit this photo, lightroom is having a problem...
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    Possible to force an import destination?

    I use an external drive for LR Sometimes the external is not plugged in and i forget to check and i wind up importing to my desktop and i then have to move those files over to the external manually. Is there some way to have LR warn me if the external is NOT available before importation...
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    Is ther ea way to "go to" a photo number?

    I am going through a long intermittent basic cataloging of the 55,000 images in my Lightroom catalog. I keep having to go back to where I left off, just scrolling down the main window to the previous photo number. Is there a way to quickly "go to" a specific number in the catalog? Also, Any...
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    Finding square 240x240 photos?

    Awhile back I had a severe crash and had to install a backup of some of my photos from a iPhoto library that had "faces" turned on. Now there are a few thousands "faces" images that I would really like to get rid of, they are not all together, the only attribute is that they are exactly 240x240...
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    Keywords and Commas?

    Is there a way to have LR inject commas between my keywords? Some of the stock agencies need commas in order to separate them upon import. TIA Henry
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    Real Newbie question

    I have started using LR and enjoying it very much, one thing I keep looking for is how to quickly see the size of an image in megapixels? I just do not see it where I think I should. Thanks Henry