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  1. LouieSherwin

    restore from a backup

    I want to underscore the point that the Lightroom backup is ONLY a copy of your catalog NOT your images. You also should have a system wide backup that backups all your user data including all the images in your archive. -louie
  2. LouieSherwin

    recommended eGPU for macos

    It seems that eGPUs are only supported on Thunderbolt 3. Use an external graphics processor with your Mac -louie
  3. LouieSherwin

    Exporting Collections

    Hi @scott_1 , You should be able to do what you want using the using the "Mirror" collection option. It is fiddly as explained in the plug-in Collection Publisher Instructions. Read thru the "Collection Setup" section to see how to do this. There is also a long list of caveats that you will...
  4. LouieSherwin

    Having a hard time to install icc profile

    The name displayed in Lightroom is the internal name contained in profile itself. You have a tool that reads and writes profiles such as ColorThink v2. It will work on 10.14 but is still not 64bit for 10.15. -louie
  5. LouieSherwin

    stark change in photo appearance between Library and Develop

    With a properly calibrated monitor and a correctly configured system you should not be seeing much of a difference between the Loupe view and the Develop view. The different color spaces are not so much an issue since everything you are seeing is being processed by the color management system...
  6. LouieSherwin

    Performance issues with brushes and filters

    So does that mean, "Yes" turning off lens corrections did help system response?
  7. LouieSherwin

    Performance issues with brushes and filters

    Have you enabled lens corrections? If so you might try turning that off and see if that makes Lightroom more responsive. -louie
  8. LouieSherwin

    Having a hard time to install icc profile

    That would be the "Computer" level location, as seen in the ColorSync Utility. The profile browser in Lightroom may not see any custom profiles that you place there. The preferred location is the user path, the second one that @Johan Elzenga listed in his previous reply. -louie
  9. LouieSherwin

    How to create import preset to change a file name

    Import is the mechanism for adding images into your catalog. With the Copy as DNG, Copy, Move and Add at the top of the import dialog you are instructing Lightroom how you want Lightroom to handle the origional image files that your are importing into the catalog Copy as DNG and Copy instruct...
  10. LouieSherwin

    How to create import preset to change a file name

    You probably have the "Add" action selected at the top of your Import dialog. Rename is disabled in that instance. -louie
  11. LouieSherwin

    System Display Colour Profiles

    @Johan Elzenga , @kimballistic raises an important distinction. That is the one between "color space" and "device specific" profiles. This is something that I was trying to describe in my initial reply. Display P3, sRGB, Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB are all color spaces. Primarily, they...
  12. LouieSherwin

    System Display Colour Profiles

    For the purposes of using Lightroom and other photo editors you do not want to turn on True Tone. This will dynamically adjust the display color tempurature to match the ambient light. This is absolutely not what you want to be happening while trying to edit your images. Having a good quality...
  13. LouieSherwin

    Recommendation for best monitor for photo editing

    The good news is you have a wonderful wide gamut monitor for editing and viewing you images in Lightroom. So don't artificially limit your self. For editing and viewing in Lightroom you should always calibrate any monitor to it's native gamut. Setting it to anything else is simply restricting...
  14. LouieSherwin

    Caption / Description Metadata Fields

    @Paul_DS256 , To access more than you may want to know about photo metadata check out the site. On the resources in META Resources -> Links & Resources Guide you can find links to all the relevant specifications including the most recent guidelines IPTC-PhotoMetadata. This...
  15. LouieSherwin

    How to Check if Catalog is Corrupt?

    Also this is the time to make sure your backup are happening and are working. You might want to do a couple of test restores just to validate them. I had main drive a SSD start to go flaky on me so I fired off a backup. Five minutes after the backup finished the drive dissappeared from my...
  16. LouieSherwin

    Copying images from iPhone to LR Classic without using Cloud

    I swear by PhotoSync an app that runs on your phone and on your computer. It uses a local WiFi network to move photos between the two. It will keep track of what has already been transferred and only move the new items. While it doesn't have any integration into Lightroom, it moves images in and...
  17. LouieSherwin

    Moving Defined Publish Services

    There is a plugin Lightroom Voyager that does move Publish Services between catalogs. -louie
  18. LouieSherwin

    Moving Flickr albums across Catalogs

    You might want to take a look at Lightroom Voyager. It should allow you to move any of your Published services between catalogs. -louie
  19. LouieSherwin

    LR gets creation date/time wrong on import

    Selwin, A really useful tool for investigating all thing about metadata is Jeffery Friedl's MetaData Viewer. He lays out the metadata in three sections, what is in the image file (EXIF etc.), what is in the file system and what is in the catalog. It is very helpful with tracking down...
  20. LouieSherwin

    Print module Epson R3000 on Catalina 10.15

    Hi Sara, I just spent some time browsing the Epson Support site for your printer and I believe that the driver may be available from Mac updates. Try the following: In System Preferences delete any instances of the R3000 printer then try to add it back in. You should get a dialog asking for...
  21. LouieSherwin

    Import RAW, Tiff, DNG, Lightroom and Photolab

    Hi, Let me try to summarize. No not by the conversion from the original raw (from the camera) to what should be labeled as raw DNG. This is the default mode of Adobe Camera Raw (ARC) in the DNG converter, Lightroom and Photoshop. As stated in the previous posts this form of DNG has the...
  22. LouieSherwin

    Import RAW, Tiff, DNG, Lightroom and Photolab

    Dan and Linwood, Great job at writing out thorough explanations of how image sensors collect data. Following the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words", I will add a link to the following Understanding Digital Camera Sensors. -louie
  23. LouieSherwin

    problem reassociating photos on Flickr with Jeffery Friedl's export plugin

    Stephen, Ok I better understand your situation and what you describe is quite bad luck. It is also quite unfortunate that none of your catalog backups were usable. I have never heard of another case where photo merge or import was the cause of catalog corruption. This seems to me to point to...
  24. LouieSherwin

    problem reassociating photos on Flickr with Jeffery Friedl's export plugin

    If you have a good backup of your catalog I don’t understand what advantage you perceive to get by starting from scratch by reimporting all your images. There is such a lot of valuable information lost including all collections and publish services for a start. -louie
  25. LouieSherwin

    problem reassociating photos on Flickr with Jeffery Friedl's export plugin

    Hi Stephen, Sorry for your difficulties. I don't wish this on anyone but I am going to use this as a cautionary tale. You are unfortunately a poster child for why we all need a robust and active backup system. If you don't have one I encourage everyone reading this to make a New Year's...