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    "don't import suspected duplicates" does not work importing from DVD

    I have a dvd of images recorded from my hard drive several years ago as a straight copy PC to DVD as a back up. To check that my current Lightroom catalogue is not missing any of these family photos I tried to import one of the directories from the DVD, with the "don't import suspected...
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    Strange Date results from "Edit Capture Time"

    I have a group of image files that include those scanned from negatives, prints and digital images from 2 different cameras. They are all of a Christmas morning. The capture dates are different on some of the scans and some of the digital files. There are 80 files in this windows directory all...
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    Bug Report Sept. 25 2019 update

    I posted this bug report this morning Sept 26. "Switching from library or map modules to develop module results in a black screen. Switching back is normal. The only way to edit is to shut down the application and restart. I am using Windows 10 Pro Build 17763.737. This bug came with the...
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    Moving an image to a directory where a file of the same name exists.

    Lightroom CC, Moving an image to a directory that has a file of the same name generates an error that the file already exists. The error offers a "save as box" like most well behaved file managers except it does not allow the user to change the file type from .TXT to any other file type. I am...
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    File Name strangeness from Lightroom mobile and iPhone

    This evening I took some golden hour shots with my iPhone SE. I had Lightroom Mobile on the phone so I imported from the camera roll to LR Mobile. Later my home PC Lightroom CC imported the photos by wifi into the preferences folder on my hard disk. I connected the iPhone with the lightening...
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    IOS Live Photos and LL Import

    I am using a iPad Pro 9.7 and an iPhone SE to take family photos (new great grandson). LL imports all the images and leaves the live photo .mov files sometimes. Sometimes the .mov files are imported sometimes not. Some .jpg images are imported then not marked as imported on the IOS device, some...