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    Moved Lightroom to a new hard drive; images are fine, but Catalog did not move. Help!

    I know that I screwed this up somehow! I read the article on how to move LR to a new computer or hard drive, but somehow I did something wrong. The images migrated just fine but without the changes n the catalog. Is there any fix or do I have to delete the images and start over again?
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    Problem upgrading to 7.2

    Operating System:Windows 10 Home Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I am trying to upgrade my desktop from 2015.10.1 to 7.2. When I try to open my catalog in the 7.2 version, I get this error. "Catalog cannot be opened due to unexpected error. Which from what I understand usually...
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    Moving catalog and image folder

    I am using a laptop and the hard drive is nearly full. I can't upgrade the internal hard drive so I purchased an external hard drive to move my LR catalog and the image folder. How do I get LR to point tp the new destination on the new drive instead of the old drive? Thanks for the help!!! Bill
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    Problems after a hard drive crash

    Good Evening All, I'm a first time poster, and I'm hoping that with your help, I can get my LR working again. After a hard drive crash, the repair guys were able to recover my files. However, they changed the name of the folder where all of my pictures are stored. My photos are actually stored...