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    Library module Stacking dng+jpg

    When using the "Stack by capture time..." to have a raw image stacked togeter with its associated jpg image, for some reasons I sometimes want the jpg to be topmost. Which is the simplest way to accomplish that?
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    Library module Survey contents of stack

    Is there a way to look at the contents of a stack i Survey Mode without having to expand the stack previously?
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    Photos sometimes not visible in Library after Photoshop editing

    Not very seldomly - although not very frequently - a photo is not visible in the Library module after having been edited in Photoshop, unless I select the particular folder where it resides. If I select all photos having a particular keyword as present in the Keyword List panel, the photo...
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    How to remove GPS data from all selected photos?

    I want to restart assigning GPS data to a bunch of photos, How do I remove GPS data from them? Coordinates as well as location data.
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    Grey thumbnails - all of a sudden

    Operating System: Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC 7.01 My recently upgraded Classic CC 7.01 sometimes behaves in a peculiar and rather annoying manner. In the filmstrip as well as in the Library Grid area, occasionally a few thumbnails are greyed out. When...
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    Development and metadataassignment from separate computers

    From a relative to my wife I/we have got a rather large number of imagefiles (primarily scanned negs, slides and photos). Most of them show persons and places dating back to the 1940s and onwards. Now we want to 'take care' of this 'treasure' using Lightroom. I know how to 'develop' the images...
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    Suffixes after filerenaming

    After having shot a hispeedsequence of photos, I usually get (say) five to eight images having the same second "Date Time Original". After "Rename Photo" to "Date_Time", these images are renamed as YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS followed by a suffix before the dot and the fileextension. For one photo the...
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    Due to backup trouble ...

    caused by updating to 2015.8, I was misled to suspect that my catalog was too large. So, I decided to split it into four parts via catalogexports and removals. Three such exports - each one approximately 10K photos - left me with a 'main' catalog containing 65K photos out of the initial 95K...
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    After "Merge to HDR Pro in Photoshop ..." the filmstrip is modified

    LR CC, Windows 10, three images are merged with HDR Pro in PS CC from Develop, after "OK" in PS: LR shows the merged result in its Edit area, but ... very often (but not always) the filmstrip is leftshifted so as to show images from the leftmost (in my case - the oldest among those present in...
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    Fuzzy capture time to scanned negs or slides

    In my LR catalog I have a - rather large and slowly increasing - number of scanned images originating from a period that starts 1958 and ends 1998 (when I entered the world of digital photography). Now I would like to set their capture time into LR. For some photos I know the capture day. For...
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    Select photos having landscape format only

    Is there some way to find/select/collect photos where width is larger than height?
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    Can LR help me connect the correct external drive containing moved images?

    I have a rather large number of scanned images and photos moved (from within LR) to (as for now) five external drives in addition to those images that are 'current' and therefore stored on internal disks. Now and the I have to work on and export some images from those that are stored on one or...
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    Undo Paste or Revert to Import state for multiple images

    I have accidentally pasted developsettings to a fairly large number of images. 1. Is it possible to Undo such a paste - for multiple selected images? If 'yes', how? 2. Is it possible to 'revert' to Import state - for multiple selected images? If 'yes', how? Hopefully yours BrJohan