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    Lightroom Cloudy On Two Machines

    Hi. I have just purchased a new 13" MacBook Pro. My main computer is a 27" iMac. I will be using the MacBook to lightly edit in a portable fashion around the house and for travel. When I'm home mom editing will be done on the iMac. LR Cloudy is installed on both machines. All original files are...
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    Laptop or iPad Pro With Lightroom Cloudy On The Road

    I'm a Lightroom Cloudy user. I'm trying to get some help deciding on either a MacBook Air/Pro or an iPad pro for editing on the road. My RAW files are quite large as I use a Sony A7Riv (60 megapixels). Thanks.
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    Anyone Using MacBook Pro 13" or MacBook Air 13" (2019) To Edit?

    Hi. I'm looking at the above two laptops and am trying to get some feedback/user experiences for both Cloudy Lightroom and regular Lightroom. Whichever one I choose will be used as a travel device and my very capable iMac 27" will still be used at home. Thanks!!!!
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    Lightroom Performance On MacBook Air

    Hi there. I'm interested in any feedback or experiences using a MacBook Air to run Lightroom while traveling. Thanks.
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    Moving To Lightroom3 From Aperture

    I am evaluating LR3 as a potential replacement for Aperture. Primarily due to training and plugin availability. In Aperture I use a library where Aperture organizes and stores my files. It appears that LR has a catalog that references files. So it is important not to mess with the files and...