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    Displaying camera settings in images

    I have to make a presentation of a series of images and wish to display on the projected image the relevant camera settings: lens, focal length, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Cannot find any instructions. Can someone help? Many thanks!
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    Import problem: destination folder not writable

    Found this surprise today when trying to import a raw file: destination folder not writable. Imported yesterday without issue. Uninstalled and re-installed LR Classic and the issue continues. Am working on a desktop Mac running version 10-14.4. Any recommendations? I thank you in advance!
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    Missing sync icon

    I am stymied by the sync procedure with LR mobile. I have several collections synced with LR mobile but when I added a new collection, I no longer find the two way arrow sync icon to the left of the collection to initiate syncing. I am thus at a loss to add or delete a collection. What can you...